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Oosah Media Display Widgets

November 24th, 2008

Oosah is a Media (Photos,Video and Audio) File Storage and Management service that offers a whooping 1TB of storage for free. This huge amount has garnered some skepticism, mine included because every service in the past who has ever offered big space for free just like that ends up in bankrupt in a year or less. This has not happened to Oosah and it is maybe because they not popular yet. and while i still find hard to believe that their Freemium + Ads business model will hold them for the long haul with such a huge amount of storage they are giving away. they look to have a utility and user hosted media content angle they want to build on for the future. part of this is with their Widgets.

If you are not really interested in their hosting service yet and just want to try out what Oosah Widgets can offer you. they got a public RSS Widget creator for Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Craiglist.

These can show you what Widgets you can get with your own files if you join Oosah.


You count with 3 layouts for your Oosah Widgets and these will be able to show your photos, videos and play your audio files.



So the Oosah Widgets are all about Display of Media. it is a interesting approach in the sense they are a file hosting solution first and not a file sharing solution or Widget Service solution.  they could be compared to DivShare (now dead) and to Badongo that while no longer as popular as it once was it continues to be on service but unlike Oosah it also serves as a file sharing solution too and accepts all kind of files and not only media files.

So. Oosah is more like Divshare with a little of Orb. some nice widgets to use that serve as a plus if you are using their hosting service and as good and nice widgets for the before mentioned web services. The thing they do fail at is that there is no High Spread Sharing module for the widgets. in this case Oosah needs as much momentum and brand awareness as possible and they are not going to archive it with a simple embed code option. i wish them luck but the real test will be to see if they manage to be around in six months from now.


Oosah RSS Widgets

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