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On Opera Mobile 9.7 and Its Widget Manager

June 14th, 2009


Opera released Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile over a week was great advancement for Opera now that they have to worry about having to fight on the Smartphone space with SkyFire that is now finally out that supports a true full web experience when it comes to content (flash, flex, silverlight, java, heavy ajax), IEM6 (when it comes to Windows Mobile) and soon enough with Firefox Mobile that will bring addons to Mobile Browsing.  their response so far relies on Opera Turbo that is a network traffic compressor so you get a much faster browsing experience and in its built in Widget Platform that now has been highlighted by Opera with the introduction of a Widget Manager.

They introduced the Widget Manager as a way to keep happy mobile carriers as they depend on them to continue dominating the space and because having it separated means the mobile browser will not suffer from crashes related to the widgets and that the widgets will be able to work without the process from the mobile browser gets in the way.

Another good thing about having the Widgets Manager is that you get a Opera Widgets springboard that will drive you use these widgets more and to use more of these widgets, as it increases its ease of use and convenience factor.


Right now it is anybody’s guess if Opera Mobile 9.7 will indeed come with Flash support but i hope it does because, it will be harder and harder for Opera to keep up with the Windows Mobile market as it is the one that got not only a lot of mobile browsers to choose from but the most powerful from any platform as Windows Mobile is getting the most powerful hardware. Opera Widgets will serve as a edge for symbian and Windows Mobile phones from 5 to 6.1, but starting with Windows Mobile 6.5 they would do little good as Windows Mobile comes with its own Native Widget Engine and one that looks to be a lot more powerful that the one from Opera. and as stated also comes with the new IE Mobile 6 that will come with Flash Support.

Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

via CNET

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A Look Into Opera And Widgets Development

June 14th, 2009


Opera Software could be catalogued as Standards Crazy (not always in a good way)  by many and with good reason. the other thing well known for those actually aware with what Opera Software does is that they love widgets.

David Meyer from CNET got a nice interview with Jon von Tetzchner (Opera Software CEO) about Widget Development and where does they stand when it comes to the Widget Specs W3C to be released any year now (i know, cheap shot).

Opera: Single-minded about widget development

Worth a read and proof that Jon von Tetzchner while stubborn is not as extremist (when it comes to standards) as many think.

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Opera Widgets X Widgets Challenge

October 23rd, 2008


With the release of the second Beta of Opera Mobile 9.5. Opera also announced a Widget Contest for developers called X Widgets Challenge. this forms part of their strategy to defend their Browser in the mobile market from Firefox and Skyfire and as a plus to promote the Desktop version of the Browser.

There are $10,000 in prizes and in this times of Economic Doom & Gloom. this is the kind of opportunity that should appeal to anyone interested in widget development. they call them X widgets because they are cross device widgets. widgets that need to work in the desktop Opera browser and in the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser. so it also helps Opera against the coming wave of competition they will face with Silverlight and Flash on Mobiles. so why not give them a break and get some money and experience in the process too?. if you don`t trust them because they are Norwegian and they are weird. don`t fret. they are trusty as Canadians. they are cool. i vouch for them. 😀

X-Widgets Challenge

Are you up to the challenge?

Opera is challenging developers to create cross-device widgets or “X-Widgets” that can be used on both mobile phones and PC/Mac computers.

An example of an X-Widget might be a shopping list you keep both on your computer and mobile phone. That way you can update it whenever and never lose track of what you need to pick up at the store. Another could be a simple game that you can play on your computer, then pause it, and continue on your mobile phone – perfect when you are going for a high score. One more could be an online auction widget, where you could follow an auction both at home and on the go, and bid right up to the last minute!

Cash prizes galore!

Opera is stepping up and awarding generous cash prizes for the best overall X-Widgets submitted.

  • 1st prize: $5000
  • 2nd prize $2000
  • 3rd prize $1000

In addition you can win t-shirts and $50 Amazon gift cards if you’re one of the first 20 qualified entrants. The best weekly widget will be rewarded with a $300 Amazon gift card.

If your X-Widget is among our top picks, we will promote it on and you might also find it bundled in our next widget product release!

Yes! How do I get started?

Check out our Opera Widget SDK which has an emulator and access to the Opera Widget manager on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones to help you test and play with your creation.


Have a read through these rules before you roll up your sleeves:

  1. X-Widget submissions must be able to run on both the widget emulator included in the SDK and on your desktop.
  2. On the emulator, the submission must support QVGA (portrait and landscape) and desktop.
  3. You can upload newer versions of your widget, but remember, only the latest approved version will be judged (be careful when adding or removing features).
  4. You are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 widgets, and are encouraged to focus on quality over quantity.
  5. Coding standards are to use a separate markup for styling and scripting.

Submitting your X-Widget

To submit and participate in the challenge you have to:

  1. Become a registered member of the My Opera community (sign up).
  2. Upload your widget to
  3. Send us a link to your submission using our contest form.


All X-Widget entries will be judged by a panel of developers and marketers at Opera. X-Widgets will be judged on:

  • Usefulness across mobile and desktop
  • Addictiveness
  • Coding quality
  • Design quality
  • Overall quality

Dates to remember

Weekly prize deadlines:

  • November 2nd, 2008
  • November 9th, 2008
  • November 16th, 2008

Final deadline: November 23rd, 2008.

Winners will be announced December 15, 2008 in this blog.

Tips and tricks!

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to send in your X-Widget.
  • You can ask for tips and hints from our developers in forums.

Enter the X-Widgets Challenge!

via My.Opera

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T-Mobile Partners With Opera Software for Web`n`Walk Mobile Widget Open Platform

September 29th, 2008


Yes. it is one of those cases felt inclined to put a long self explanatory titles. the deal is that T-Mobile and Opera have united to bring up a iPhone like Non-iPhone Widgetized Spring Board (or launchpad if you will) that will bring you notifications from websites, and can show you in a icon based grid your favorite websites once you click in one. this will combine with a widgetized website from where you will be able to add more widgets (icons) too in order to enhance the experience:

  • T-Mobile makes mobile surfing easier, faster and more convenient
  • Direct access to your most important and personal Internet services with one click on your mobile-phone display
  • Active widgets provide automatic notification of new information on personal Internet sites if required
  • Strategic partnership between T-Mobile and Opera for the creation of an open, standardized platform
  • web’n’walk widgets expected to be available by the end of the year


web’n’walk is becoming even more intuitive, bringing users even closer to the World Wide Web. In future, you will be able to access your personal favorite sites more easily and quickly than ever from your mobile phone by simply selecting the corresponding widget, an active icon, from the standard display. The most important information from your chosen site is then shown – whether eBay, Amazon, Quelle,, MySpace, Bild, and various Yahoo! Services, such as Yahoo! oneSearch and Yahoo! Weather, or other popular Internet sites. In addition, in case of important information on a personalized Internet site, such as the arrival of an eBay notification, the widget indicates the new status, with users able to respond directly. You are thus informed of bids in online auctions or new news items as they occur, even on the move.

T-Mobile entered into a partnership with browser pioneer Opera Software ASA to develop the "Widget Internet".

"T-Mobile ushered in a new era as the first global telecommunications operator to provide its customers with a complete mobile Web experience. Together with Opera, T-Mobile launched the pan-European success story called web’n’walk, enabling people to use all their favorite Web sites on nearly any device," says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. "Today, T-Mobile takes another industry-defining step forward. In web’n’walk 4.0, the mobile phone comes alive with widgets that deliver personalized services direct from the home screen, giving people more powerful tools to take full advantage of the mobile Web experience."

"T-Mobile is striving towards offering its customers the best Internet experience at any time and in any place. To this end, we have introduced the iPhone into our markets in cooperation with Apple and are working on a new operating system, Android, in cooperation with Google, as a member of the Open Handset Alliance. The new web’n’walk is enabling us to push ahead with this strategy and introduce a new level of Internet quality to our other terminal devices and operating systems as well," explained Rainer Deutschmann, Senior Vice President Mobile Internet, T-Mobile International AG. "We invite the industry to support the development and spread of this open, standards-based platform for the benefit of users and application developers."

Large selection of widgets

The web’n’walk widgets can be quickly and easily set up according to personal preferences for mobile surfing. In order to enable this, T-Mobile is providing a gallery, initially with approximately 40 widgets for popular websites. It will soon be possible for other users and providers to create additional widgets via an open platform. These widgets will then be available to all web’n’walk widget users, regardless of which handset they use.

As was already possible with the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile customers can now put their preferred widgets on their mobile phone display with just a few clicks using web’n’walk. This provides them with an overview of their favorite services at all times upon request and enables them to access these services quickly. The familiar, personalizable web’n’walk homepage with the intelligent Yahoo! oneSearch function continues to be available for additional Internet use. The search is tailored to the specific requirements of mobile users and can also be set up as a widget.

The web’n’walk widgets thus complement the browser-based web’n’walk homepage, which T-Mobile updates on a continual basis. T-Mobile plans to launch the web’n’walk widgets by the end of the year, initially for touch-screen smartphones such as the MDA compact IV and MDA Vario IV.

The press release is almost a perfect example on how to say a lot without revealing much of substance. but the points are covered and you can expect this to have 40 widgets at first and to bring more UI and UX Widgetization to your mobile all thanks to Opera and T-Mobile. in the end that is not a bad thing. so be it.

T-Mobile introduces widgets in next-generation mobile Web experience via Opera

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