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Opera Portal: A Start Page Alternative

August 10th, 2009


Sure, there is Netvibes, iGoogle, My.Yahoo, My/AOL, Live Home, but what about Opera Portal?.

If you are surprised by its existence, don’t feel bad about it. I doubt most Opera Browser users know of it either.  So maybe you want to try a new Startpage (yes, the two words as one) or maybe you are a Opera Browser user and want to consolidate your time more with Opera offerings. Whatever the reason it may be. You should know that such a option exists for you.


Opera Portal is like a Mix of Netvibes with a bit of My.Yahoo. That is the best way i could describe it. You can customize its color, the position of the widgets and it counts with all the basic widget offerings any Startpage should have. That about it. It comes down to taste and brand if you want to use it.  That said given that Opera is actually good with widgets.  It would be a good opportunity to let users have Opera Widgets of the quality they can enjoy in the browser also in a Startpage. But that is something Opera must be still thinking through.

Opera Portal

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Math and Science Opera Widgets

July 12th, 2009


Looks like Don Reisinger  at CNET does love the Opera Browser and since he got another post on Opera Widgets, i think it would be a disservice to not highlight it too.

Before, it was about 10 Great Opera Widgets. Now it is about Math and Science Opera Widgets.


From astronomy to math equations.  7 widgets worth a look for those using Opera Browser.

Opera widgets for the math and science whiz

10 GREAT Opera Widgets

June 15th, 2009


To say that the Widget Platform from Opera is inconsistent would be a understatement. but even with that known in advance, they actually got some good widgets  worth using if you use Opera as your second browser or a must have if you have Opera as your main browser.

Neither is my case, but CNET Don Reisinger took it to himself to find 10 actually great Opera Widgets you should be using if you are a Opera Browser user. after trying out hundreds of them. he think he got 10 worthy of that title.

My favorite after loading them up would be without a doubt the Opera Twitter Widget that is really impressive in terms of features and got a pleasant design.  Would truly use it on a daily basis if Opera was my main browser.


So check the list out and let him know if you agree or disagree with him.

10 widgets for Opera users to sing about

On Opera Mobile 9.7 and Its Widget Manager

June 14th, 2009


Opera released Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile over a week was great advancement for Opera now that they have to worry about having to fight on the Smartphone space with SkyFire that is now finally out that supports a true full web experience when it comes to content (flash, flex, silverlight, java, heavy ajax), IEM6 (when it comes to Windows Mobile) and soon enough with Firefox Mobile that will bring addons to Mobile Browsing.  their response so far relies on Opera Turbo that is a network traffic compressor so you get a much faster browsing experience and in its built in Widget Platform that now has been highlighted by Opera with the introduction of a Widget Manager.

They introduced the Widget Manager as a way to keep happy mobile carriers as they depend on them to continue dominating the space and because having it separated means the mobile browser will not suffer from crashes related to the widgets and that the widgets will be able to work without the process from the mobile browser gets in the way.

Another good thing about having the Widgets Manager is that you get a Opera Widgets springboard that will drive you use these widgets more and to use more of these widgets, as it increases its ease of use and convenience factor.


Right now it is anybody’s guess if Opera Mobile 9.7 will indeed come with Flash support but i hope it does because, it will be harder and harder for Opera to keep up with the Windows Mobile market as it is the one that got not only a lot of mobile browsers to choose from but the most powerful from any platform as Windows Mobile is getting the most powerful hardware. Opera Widgets will serve as a edge for symbian and Windows Mobile phones from 5 to 6.1, but starting with Windows Mobile 6.5 they would do little good as Windows Mobile comes with its own Native Widget Engine and one that looks to be a lot more powerful that the one from Opera. and as stated also comes with the new IE Mobile 6 that will come with Flash Support.

Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

via CNET

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