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JavaFX Is Now Good

August 10th, 2009


I try out JavaFX pretty much every 3 months or so. Have been doing so for almost a year now and i can finally said that JavaFX is now good. They recently finally released a update that enables it for Mobiles and they have been seriously tuning it for desktop use with the last two updates of Java.

The last time i tried out JavaFX it was still a trainwreck.  Even if i always have noted that JavaFX may well be a lot more powerful than Flex and Silverlight. In fact i am pretty much sure that it is more powerful.

However they got HUGE disadvantages against Flex and Silverlight and that Sun, now Oracle got vs Adobe and Microsoft. This continues to be the case. JavaFX even that it now has a mobile release, a devices release and the desktop reflects maturity. It will not be enough. Or it is not enough yet.

The Good

3 months ago or so, JavaFX had the highest CPU usage rate from all the RIA solutions. Now it seems to be lowest one and looks to get the best CPU performance rate i have seen. I tried this out in a Old PC, a Netbook and a Average Desktop PC with all JavaFX samples and the same amount of samples for Flex and Silverlight so i came very sure with what i was going to say here. So passing from worst to best in that crucial area,  In that time frame is nothing short of incredible and my props to the JavaFX team. It is a incredible evolution.

The bad

Last time JavaFX was excruciatingly slow to load. Any sample or any decent application was slower to load than any similar in scope  Flex or Silverlight alternative.

It is still the worst but by very very little. In some cases it maybe about even with Flex and Silverlight

The Ugly


Given that JavaFX is still essentially java at the base, That means that authorization and certificates are still a issue.  So every single thing done in JavaFX must be properly identified so it can load.

When it comes to “Load To Desktop” webstart apps it is not a big issue since the behavior and install experience is pretty much identical to .NET ClickOnce and Adobe AIR so it is to be expected.

But “Load In Browser” apps are another thing. Since usually you only need to identify them once and every time after they will load fine. This is based on who made it and how you authorized the maker. So if you encounter several apps from the same maker and you authorized the first app you encountered from said maker as a trusted party. All apps from that maker will just load every single time you encounter them in the future. If you didn’t marked it as trusted maker or the apps comes from a maker you have not authorized or encountered. Then each app will prompt you before it can load.

Complicated?, Not really. Annoying?, Not for me.  But for those users that could not stop whining about UAC in Vista having the nerve to prompt them once a day when it needed to?.  Oh you bet they are going to love (NOT) how JavaFX works. So this is something that needs to be seriously thought out and resolved.

My proposed solution is for Developers to be able to ask for “Clearance Keys” at Oracle so that the prompt only comes from not registered JavaFX apps or widgets. Well, it is just an idea that Oracle could steal from how oAuth works.


The greatest virtue and flaw from JavaFX comes from being tied up with the rest of the Java Runtime.

It gives it ubiquity and all the power in the world, but it makes it a big download, gives it a big installation footprint and makes it a power hungry install when compared with Adobe Solutions that comes in 5 separate plugins and Silverlight that is a single plugin install.

But this is a issue that i don’t find Oracle being able to develop a workaround that satisfies them, given what they would lose if they unbundled JavaFX to be on its own.

3.-RAM Consume

The worse for last. RAM consume continues to be off the charts for JavaFX. It even makes the worst Flex, Flash or AIR apps look lean and light in RAM consume if compared to JavaFX. So it is dead last in this one.

Were else you could see a simple tiny widget (in-browser) consuming over 100mb of RAM on its own or a simple desktop app consuming as much as 500mb of RAM?.  Only with JavaFX.

So i guess that such dramatic gain on CPU efficiency had to be loaded somewhere. In this case to the GPU and to the RAM.  But even as bad as JavaFX RAM consume is. It is logical they decided to go this way since any laptop and desktop now comes with at least 3gb of RAM and some form of GPU chip or card a lot better than what came as default two years ago when RIA were materializing.


I don’t know how much the Start Load, Authorization and RAM consume issues can be improved but if they manage to improve them even a 50%. That alone would make JavaFX a true contender for 2nd place in the RIA space.  A 1st place is something i find almost impossible for they to get and that will be battled out on and off by Adobe and Microsoft.  A 2nd place is possible even if quite hard to see it now. But a very close 3rd place is what Oracle should aim for now,  given they are still in a very very very distant 3rd place. But maybe in 3 months i will have to change my mind.  So lets see.

JavaFX Downloads


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JS-KIT Acquires Sez Who To Consolidate Online Commenting

March 17th, 2009

It had to happen. do i am surprised?. no because i was the one talking on and on that Sez Who only out  was to be acquired by JS-KIT or Disqus. back when IntenseDebate was not part of Automattic it was also the way to end any chance of any other competitor to ever touch them. They now have to worry about Automattic, Facebook and more than surely Google coming with something in this space now that Facebook has got into this too.

Fortunately for JS-KIT this acquisition and the accumulation of deals and talent puts them into the position to be able to fight Google, Facebook and Automattic and hold on the space since they are the true experts of the space with lots of history on the market.

So far in terms of acquisition JS-KIT acquired the old Haloscan and Sez Who. the first served trackbacks and alternative comment systems and Sez Who serves commenter reputation and Identification. both are good complements but i think that the missing link now is actual comment tracking and harvesting tech. that sounds like Cocomment. they already got a deal with them but with the recent fallout of Cocomment last competitors (co.mments and Commentful) as one has gone off and the other has stagnated and its also dying. Cocoment is a great opportunity to expand the tech and talent in order to anticipate possible threats like backtype that is a new kind of Comment tracker and harvester. the reason is because disqus could be looking into that too since it is pretty much their only chance they have to not be overwhelmed by the now very strong competition competition in this space. i see it hard for them to survive on their own unless they have one last ace to show.

The Sez Who acquisition surely will help JS-KIT to compete but it will still have to fight for the first place. i think a Cocomment acquisition would make sure they get the first spot as the combination of talent and tech should allow them to evolve their services faster and grow at a faster pace.

But now i also wonder about a possible brand name change and image revamp as they are not longer just JS-KIT’s anymore.

I’m very pleased to share with you that JS-Kit has acquired SezWho.

Here are the highlights

JS-Kit continues its meteoric rise as the largest distributed social network by acquiring competitor SezWho.

Given the adverse funding market, SezWho has been unable to raise the capital needed to continue operations.  As a result the service will shut down.

The founders have arranged, through JS-Kit, the resources necessary to continue the service for an additional 30 days.  This will give publishers an opportunity to transition JS-Kit’s complimentary Comments solution or make other arrangements.

All new customers will automatically receive JS-Kit Comments.

This adds 30,000 registered sites to JS-Kit’s customer base.

This follows our acquisition of Haloscan last year (see TechCrunch) as well as the first implementations of Facebook Connect, OpenID 2.0 and Yahoo ID.

JS-Kit is also winning big business with customers that traditionally work with more expensive alternatives Pluck, KickApps and BazaarVoice. Deals like those with Sun Microsystems, JetBlue, WorldNow and Evite continue to surprise the market.

Our clear and simple business model is a key point of differentiation. Khris Loux’s post about ‘the cost of free widgets‘ explains the value of a partner who has a revenue model. We offer Free, PRO, & PRO+ subscriptions in order to lock in revenue and assure continuation of services for customers.

From our friend Jitendra Gupta, CEO of SezWho

I am excited to be working with JS-Kit to ensure our customers have the best possible support and technologies moving forward. Thanks to their support, we have been able to continue operations for an extra 30 days and provide users a clear upgrade path for rating and comment technologies.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit is the world’s largest distributed social network, connecting over 630,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including Comments, Ratings, and Polls. These community building services are easy to install, simple to customize, and support fine grained administrative controls.  Publishers can save in-house development and join a network of sites which include AOL, Evite, Experian, JetBlue, Sun Microsystems, & WorldNow by simply embedding a few lines of HTML.


Via JS-KIT and Techcrunch

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On The Revamped Adobe Flash Platform

December 1st, 2008


Adobe moves in RIA are the most straightforward ones because they are the company that it is more publicly invested into transform itself and to be fully running on the RIA Web as soon as 5 years from now.

They got Flash, Flex, Shockwave, AIR and Reader as their main guns on the Mainstream. all but one are pretty much ubiquitous. but the thing that connect all of them is Flash. Flash 10 is where they truly begin with this transition to being a RIA company and RIA Web run company.

Why not say their in for the cloud computing mantra as you say when talking about Google?. because being fully into RIA`s got a clear cloud computing base that do not need to be recalled upon. but unlike Google. Adobe is also in a Software + Services Strategy just like Microsoft. but as competitors they cannot use neither Mantras and they will stay focus on spreading the notion that Adobe is about RIA`s. because RIA evocates Media, Powerful Browser Based Apps or Powerful Desktop Based Apps that are seamlessly connected to the internet. that means they only need that.

Flash is a mature platform and it reached up that state since 2004-2005 where it became clear it would became more and more widespread. Today flash is in everything in some form or another and Flash 10 is what Adobe is going to use to push progress to Flash from Flex and Shockwave and it is Flash what will be pushed into Reader and AIR as base for the same tech to be used more effectively.

But Adobe weakness with its RIA Tech is that they got  mediocre Development Tools. they are now trying to change that around with:

• Alchemy, that lets programs written in the C or C++ languages, run within Flash Player.

• "Gumbo," a new version of Adobe Flex Builder, that is designed to make programming easier for those familiar with scripting languages such as PHP.

• "Thermo," formally called Adobe Flash Catalyst, is designed to let people quickly create an application’s interface in another application–by Adobe Illustrator CS4 for example–then add the interactive instructions to the interface elements.

These are obvious responses to Microsoft Silverlight. the only real competitor to Adobe RIA tech.

Alchemy is the response to Silverlight 2.0 CLR

Gumbo is the other part of Responding to Silverlight 2.0 easy use and integration of .NET Tech.

Catalyst Responds to Microsoft Expression Studio “Devigner” Mantra.

I see that there is still nothing really good for AIR development as the rumored AIRbase. that was supposed to be a AIR app development software a la iphone xcode sdk. it may not exist and it is a shame because it sounded like a great concept.

Adobe new development Tools  and Development Paths sound like a great progress but this is a area where they are nowhere near the sophistication and maturity of Microsoft offerings with Expression Studio that actually lets designer use assets from Adobe own designing software programs too just like thermo and much less the unbeatable and untouchable status Visual Studio got against Anything Adobe can come up with.

Then. there is the Development Paths where it is also very doubtful Alchemy and Gumbo can top Silverlight .Net Tech Integrations and CLR

Many still claim that Adobe real war is with Google. but they are wrong. Google is late on RIA initiatives because they have not pronounced themselves toward anything yet and are still betting everything on Google Ajax and Google JS so cannot be considered to be in the RIA web fight up to now.

But seeing Adobe moves assure one thing. Competition in RIA`s  will be fierce and it will be something nice to watch as it unfolds.

The good thing is that whatever Adobe does. means better things to come in terms of Widgets as they are the most basic beneficiaries as everything is getting Widgetized.



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The Race For YouTube Monetization By Copying Hulu

November 24th, 2008


You read that right. i said it.  it has been already reported that in one year from now Hulu Will Match YouTube Revenue. the difference is that Hulu is already making a profit and YouTube is only Recouping Costs and Trying to be profitable. i called it over a month ago and i call it again. there is a certain urge and almost desperation of Google to recoup the cost of YouTube and be able to make a Profit next year and the recent movements are clear show of this because they are adding features to stay current but they are also adding advertising that matches and tries to leapfrog what Hulu has been doing so far. i am glad because this finally means that YouTube will be as portable as possible within any YouTube Embed Video.

YouTube Embed Search


You would think that the Search Engine goliath would had been able to beat Hulu to this but no. Hulu has search in its Embeds from almost 5 months ago.

YouTube Embed Advertising

Pre, Mid and Post Roll is not enough and you need to pretty much harass the Gen X and Gen Y these days so now you will be able to enjoy of better overlay Widget Advertising. and all of this along the Ads in YouTube pages is now finally fully AdSense Powered. so you know they are being serious.


As i said before. YouTube is Google biggest money hole and Google hates it. right now YouTube is a 2 billion dlls hole that needs to be filled up as soon as possible. For example YouTube biggest acquisition. aQuantive will be fully paid up and raking money by the end of 2009. YouTube will not see True Black numbers until 2010 unless Google pulls up something miraculous.  it is funny how Web 2.0  poster properties like Twitter and YouTube are only profitable for Third Parties and a burden to who developed them because they have become integral to the modern web.

And people said Mark Cuban was totally wrong when he said that Hulu should be able to beat YouTube by 2009. now the projections back him up. i guess that is why he is a billionaire right?.

The YouTube Feature i want the most is that YouTube can indeed be portable and gains full controls and menu browsing while on full screen. that would be a bigger deal than their insane dwellings of thinking in HD quality video that will surely burn money faster than a California fire outbreak (low pun, i know).

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