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Pandora Windows Desktop Gadget

December 16th, 2008


If you are a user of Pandora. you already now that it is a good way to find and litsen to music in your browser. but what if you want to have it directly in your desktop?. well. you can if you use this Pandora Gadget.


Pandora Sidebar Gadget

This Pandora sidebar gadget lets you play Pandora internet radio directly from Windows Vista’s sidebar. When docked in the sidebar, it displays the currently playing song, along with the thumbs up/down options. When undocked, it displays the entire Pandora interface so you can log in, edit your stations, or create new ones.

                               Full mode

The gadget works very well. but it is not suited for 64 bits OSes ( unless you make it so) or Windows 7 yet. but it is a great Windows Gadget and your best choice to enjoy of Pandora directly in your desktop.

Pandora Sidebar Gadget  <- Direct Download Link

via Brad Greco

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