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Google’s Photovine for iOS now open to all

August 17th, 2011

Photovine is the cool photo story creation app just opened to the Apple Market for all to use.

Apparently Google’s Slide team has been hard at work perfecting this cool photo meme creation app that appears to have sparked a lot of interest lately.

So what is Photovine? It’s a photo-sharing application for iOS that puts an emphasis on “vines”. That is, photo-centric moments or ideas that connect you with other users. Yes, that sounds a bit pretentious. And the best way to understand it is to watch the video below. But think of it this way: you take a picture of your favorite cologne. This prompts another user to take a picture of their favorite fragrances. And that prompts another user to do the same. Etc. It’s more or less theme-based picture-taking.

This is an interesting concept because it spurs users into action. With an open-ended picture app you can take a picture of anything, and to some users, that’s daunting. What do you take a picture of when you can take a picture of anything? With Photovine, the experience is more guided. Or, if you wish to take a picture of anything, you can simply start your own vine.


Check out Photovine in the App Store

Nokia N8 Confusing video

October 4th, 2010

Nokia N8 Features

My Irish is a bit rusty. What did this guy just say?

Best Android Image Sharing App

September 20th, 2010

Upload and Share Images instantly.

imgur, the very popular image host, allows you to easily upload images to their site and they automatically provide you with a link to your image. This makes sharing your images via email, forum, website, comments and more, very user friendly.

imgur has recently released the ‘imgur API’ (see imgur blog post) which makes using imgur even easier. This API release has resulted in the creation of at least two Android imgur apps from independent developers.

Imgur Uploader

(by Tim Clark)

The imgur uploader Android app simply allows you to upload an image of your choice (from image gallery) directly to imgur and then provides you a link and sharing options after the upload. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. The entire app comes in at 27kb. One of the smallest 4 star Android apps I have seen! More imgur uploader info can be found at

Get imgur uploader for Android

Imgur Android

(Ben Olive)

Imgur Android offers more features than imgur uploader.

Besides simple uploading of images, you can view a list of images you have uploaded so you can easily share them. The app also keeps track of the delete links so you can remove images later.
You can also view statistics about any image on imgur including number of views, size, and date uploaded.

Get Imgur Android app

Moby app for Android

May 27th, 2010

excerpt from Androidfanatic

Moby for Android mobile phone operating system allows Mobile Social Network users to shoot a photo or a video from their Android based smartphone and upload it on popular social network services across the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, WordPress, YouTube, Blogger and Bebo. The application comes decked with all the social networking photo and video uploading features including the all-important tagging options and a whole set of sophisticated tools.

Currently supported services:

According to some comments in the Android Market, you may need to setup your accounts in moby via your computer. There seems to be no allowance to do this through the app.

You can either search the Android Market for the Moby Android App or use the barcode scanner in your phone to scan the app code below.

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