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Add Ghostly images to your Photos with GhostCam for Android

April 29th, 2011

GhostCam is an Android App that helps you add Ghostly images to your photos. This can be a fun way to freak out some of your friends. Slip a little ghostly image into a casual photo with friends and then send it to them via message or email or whatever. Maybe upload it to Facebook for some fun with your extended peeps!

Just keep in mind that some people could be scared to death and i’m sure you don’t want that to happen! 🙂

Screen Image

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Holiday Countdown Widget from Gill’s Cruise

November 12th, 2009

Here is a cool Travel & Vacation widget that lets you quickly and easily create an embeddable representation of your impending getaway. Simply input your destination, the dates you will be travelling, pick a color (there are only two?) and copy and paste the resulting code to your website or blog.

excerpt from:

Proudly display to your visitors where and when you are going on your next holiday, business trip or vacation. This highly advanced web widget, which you can embed on your blog or website will geo locate any place on earth and pull some of the best pictures from Google Maps and Panoramio. All sleekly animated in a slide show style.

The remaining days to you holiday are neatly displayed. When your holiday starts widget will display that you are currently on holiday, and when you return it will display that you have visited this place.

This way you can let your visitors know that you are not going to post on your blog for example during this time, and will be notified when you are back. This gives you are chance to recommend your favourite destination, and can build a social following for your favourite place on earth. We hope you enjoy what we have built, and let us know in comments on our blog if you have any suggestions for improvements.

1. I would like to see the widget be able to search more databases for a wider variety of images. I tried Sydney and Berlin with no image results. London works, obviously Tokyo works and New York is displayed on the widget creation page.

2. Only having two available colors for the widget border will be a deal killer for some. I realize “Carbon” (light gray/white) will work with most any color scheme. But most people are used to being able to pick their exact color for a widget.

3. JavaScript has pros and cons. It is an excellent widget building platform but is still viewed as unacceptable by some (, MySpace etc.) Perhaps a Flash version as well? Maybe consider porting this widget to Widgetbox, Clearspring etc.

4. There are no registration requirements and the widget is extremely simple to set up. These two factors alone are very important. Excellent job!

Get your Holiday Countdown Widget from scrapbook style photo album widget

November 11th, 2009

shutterfly_logo is a photosharing/scrapbooking paradise. Their unique “photobook” creation tools allow you to create some seriously cool scrapbook style, embeddable photo albums.

You can choose to have colorful backgrounds or just cover entire pages with photos. Some templates even allow for nesting smaller photos within larger photos. Did I mention that you can also create “share sites” where your friends and family can download photos. Also available is the ability to purchase gifts with photos printed directly on them. Mugs, ornaments, mousepads, even large artist style canvas wall hangings. There are actually too many to mention here. Check out “Photo Gifts

There are seemingly endless options for creating your Scrapbook photobook.

Here is an actual widget from a great Shutterfly article at

Click here to view this photo book larger

The service is FREE and only requires registering your account.

Visit the photo sharing page. : Single Photo Zoomable Widgets

October 1st, 2009


Photo Zooming is a featured we see more and more with tech like seadragon. But there are not many solutions around it to showcase single photos. the only case i can think of from past posts is Phlook. is also a flash based solution to showcase single photos into widgets that deliver them that was as a matter of protection, better identification and of course in this case Photo Zooming.

             gives you this very simple widget you can put in your blog to showcase your hi-res photos and let visitors be able to check them out in detail within the widget. if you get to like it you can also share it instantly thanks to Spread Sharing module by Clearspring.


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