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2012 U.S. election widgets…already?

November 9th, 2009

Here we are, late in 2009 and already there is a jump on the widgets and banners for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.

I don’t believe I am yet over the barrage of radio, television and Internet political advertising.

Some of these widgets are just simple banner embeds and others are relavent sources of political news that will deliver candidate related information as the campaign approaches.

First up is, of course Ron Paul.

There are 5 total “DraftRonPaul” banners that are designed to fit nicely on any blog sidebar or header. These come from Trevor Lyman, the architect of the original RonPaul money bomb.

Here is a scrolling widget that serves up the latest U.S. political news from a wide variety of sources such as Time Magazine, Reuters, CNN, ABC News and more. (grab the code right from the widget) This widget is powered by FeedZilla.

You will also be able to find iPhone apps to download:
2012 US Election 3.0.1
or 2012 US Election 3.0.1

Don’t forget the Apple desktop:
2012 Election countdown widget.

…and from Widgetbox:

The 2012 Presidential Election from Widgetbox.

Perhaps a Poll?Try Toluna poll widgets? Here is an example: - Get free polls, widgets, opinions and earn points!

As you can see, there are already many choices this early in the game. You can bet that it will only get more crowded as the campaign heats up.

Polldaddy at the top, now getting into ratings

July 12th, 2009


A year ago, Polldaddy widgets were already a big deal and that is why they got acquired by Automattic. Now they look to be at the top of the game when it comes to Polls and Widget Polls:

PollDaddy has just released some of its latest stats, and they don’t fail to impress: the company is now serving 430 million poll impressions per month, with a reach of over 74 million people worldwide, giving it a Quantcast rank equivalent as the 22nd most visited online service in the world.

I do have to admit that before Polldaddy came to be all the way back in  2006. Poll widgets were boring and not really well done since they were kinda ugly and not asynchronous (caused extra page loads)

So i think it is well deserved for them to be at the top spot. enough for them to be going into JS-KIT territory with Rating Widgets. that will be a interesting thing to see since according to Techcrunch they even plan to integrate that data to their Polldaddy Answers site. Something that could also mean a new kind of sub-site can emerge from that too. Techcrunch talks about a Digg competitor but i don’t see how they could manage a social news site or how Matt would want that. If he were to enter that space i think it would be more logical for him to build a social blog directory for WordPress powered blogs first since social news site are very tricky to manage. I am seeing them more probable to step into RateItAll territory with consumer review ratings. so maybe it is time for Lawrence Coburn to keep alert on that possibility.


via Techcrunch

Automattic Acquires PollDaddy

October 16th, 2008

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Automattic, parent company of wordpress, akismet, and now also Intense Debate announced recently that they will be acquiring PollDaddy. the reason?. because Matt Mullenweg  is obsessed with polling. well. that is a good reason as any. then of course the justification to that obsession is that Polling remains one of the favorite things for WordPress users according to Matt and it has always remained one of the Top Ten Plugins. so having a polldaddy is a no brainer because polldaddy remains the top poll widget provider even if now got some seriously fierce competition from other really great polling widgets like Quibblo, Poll Boutique and Poll authority.

PollDaddy has been doing all kind of stuff with polls and the most amazing thing about it is that it is run by two irish blokes. that is right. two guys from Ireland. that is some serious bootstrapping. one of the most notorious too. the only example that could possible top it would be PlentyOfFish and the only other Widget Startup i can think of that is as bootstrapped as Polldaddy would be RateItAll.

Congratulations to the guys at polldaddy for this. and WordPress has already integrated  PollDaddy Widgets to and has released a plugin version of polldaddy for self hosted blogs.

Just like with Intense Debate. there will be integration but the service will remain open for all. this should be a good wake up call for the other players in terms of Poll Widgets. it is time to update and adapt in order to have a better competition now that polldaddy is no longer independent. more now that ever because Polldaddy while agile will surely have quite a bit of a slowdown while adapting to this new way of doing things. a slowdown i had already previously noted and that was exactly what allowed the competing Widgets to gain ground.


via Matt Mullenweg blog and Polldaddy Blog

JS-KIT lands partnership with Evite, provides widgets for the new version

July 21st, 2008


JS-KIT continues to march on strong, now as a post Haloscan acquisition company  with a quite good partnership just as good as the one it got with World Now.

The partnership is with Evite, the top Invitation/party planning service that now has received a pretty generous redesign. in the new Evite version JS-KIT will be the provider of Widget Polls and Message Board Widgets to be used in the site.

via Techcrunch

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