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Twilight Saga New Moon

October 29th, 2009

Check out the new, interactive Twilight Saga: New Moon widget

The Twilight Saga: New Moon widget allows readers to log in and register as Team Edward or Jacob and then see where other fans are in their area and how the nation is split between the two teams. It also has lots of downloads and a countdown so the fans know how long they have left to wait!

Twilight Saga: New Moon/widget

Adgregate Markets Acquires Gydget

June 29th, 2009


I decided to add this note even if happened almost two weeks ago as a inspirational note that the widget space marches on even in this recession. i know that may sound weird since it is about a acquisition. but even then a acquisition in this economic climate is a good thing right?

So Adgregate Markets that specialize in making transaction enabled Shopping Ad Banners decided that it was a good idea to buy a Promo Widget Network like Gydget. IT IS. these will be rolled into the ShopAds they do and will result in in-widget shops and smarter ad widgets.

Gydget had been around for 2 years or so and it seems that they were losing steam as the competitions in promo widgets is quite brutal now. but this is a good ticket out and it does create a better end product, that in the end continues to be widgets. so it is all good.


Adgregate Markets

Adgregate Markets Snaps Up Widget Maker Gydget  via Techcrunch

Dijit: Create Your Promo Widgets, Have Them For Free

February 24th, 2009


Dijit is a free promo widget creation service that used a visual widget designer/creator. if you are suddenly thinking “Like Sprout?” is because it is exactly that. you create your promo widgets, add your media, customize it as you see fit and off you go.


The difference is that dijit is free and Sprout is no longer free. sprout was and continues to have the best Widget Editor Creator but given their unfortunately decision to no longer offer free account which is of course a mistake. but that is Dijit gain and if you wanted a Sprout alternative, Dijit is that very alternative.


I used the Widget builder and it could not be more easier and it gives out good results. as i said. don’t expect it to be a fully developed as Sprout but it does the job and i think it makes for a good replacement given the options out there.

Build Your Dijit Widget


California Budget Problem Widget From The Governator

February 2nd, 2009


Properly called “Legislature’s Failure to Act” widget comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as “The Governator” and tells you how bad is California Budget Problem and calls for Awareness on the issue.

The widget badge is a good form factor and gives a lot more of  a impact than a Active Badge and it also allows for the badge to better tracked and to spread faster. that is a good reason to use a widget and good way to use one too.

The Widget comes from Clearspring and it counts with a really compact adaptation of Lunchpad that is their High Spread Sharing Module. if you are in California is a interesting enough widget to look into. just click the “Get & Share” link in the widget to grab the widget.

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