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Netvibes Social Content Sharing With Facebook Connect

November 25th, 2008

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Just like announced in October.  Netvibes got Facebook Connet integration for its Social Content Sharing feature that allows you to share widgets and news from Netvibes to your Facebook contacts using Facebook Connect. it has been enjoying this feature for over a week now and it looks like it works all right. this Social Kind of Quick Content Sharing should get into High Spread Sharing modules pretty soon as sharing to your Social Graph because more common thanks to Social Graph API`s

Netvibes implementation already hints in that direction but does other kind of advances for Social News Sites and Startpages that now finally can be seen as possible instant social hubs thanks to this.

These changes and natural progression should also allow for Netvibes to continue being the best Idenpendet Startpage as iGoogle goes into another direction integrating everything Google into a single page.


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AddToAny Stays Current As It Adds New Features

November 17th, 2008


There is a lot of craziness with Widgets competing for Social Bookmarking and Quick Content Sharing. the most notable examples are of course the now Clearspring Owned AddThis  versus ShareThis. But the third biggest player that is  addtoany is not interested in that fight because they are not at the level to fight it . but they will give their best to keep a close 3rd place and not let other services surpass them or to risk losing users. in spirit to that. they have been updating their offerings with new features and a new look:

  • Visual update (tabs!)
  • Digg counts (real-time!)
  • Delicious counts (real-time!)
  • E-mail made faster/easier
  • Prioritize services
  • In-widget browser bookmarking instructions (for non-IE browsers)
  • More publisher options

Live Counter are not a new thing. they can be traced back to feedburner with their feedflares and to mid 2008 with ShareThis as they started exploring the idea. a new integrated plugin for addtoany for WordPress should be out any minute now unless they delay it until wordpress 2.7 is out.

A more detailed rundown of what has changed and how can be read at AddToAny Blog.

Now the question is if this will be enough to stay at a close third to Addthis/Sharethis?. the answer is yes. AddToAny already got metrics, brand awareness and it is a proven widget. now they got a better look and up to date features. so there is no reason for them to not continue to do well.

If you are looking for another option on what to choose for your blog when it comes to Social Bookmarking and Quick Content Sharing.  AddToAny is a good choice.


Clearspring acquires AddThis

October 1st, 2008

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Clearspring acquired AddThis. i was talking about just last week while commenting on the MadKast acquistion by ShareThis that a true competition to ShareThis was needed. i say that even considering that Widgets Lab is using ShareThis for its Quick Content Sharing or Social Bookmarking and Sharing as you may see it best.

While the Acquisition of MadKast by ShareThis was purely technologic and recruiting perfect addition to its team. Clearspring acquisition of AddThis goes the other way around. Clearspring don`t needs more Tech, Analytics or new Team Members. AddThis just provides a strong brand name, mindshare and of course the marketshare they needed to make their Launchpad for Blogs Widget to work. That is right while pretty much no one paid attention to Clearspring version of ShareThis. there was one. Justin Thorp even added context to the why Clearspring decided to go with it on blog post looking at the last Technorati State of the Blogosphere report.

Then it came the sudden acquisition of  Madkast by ShareThis. now it creates me the doubt if ShareThis knew in advance that Clearspring was eyeing their #1 competitor?. my guess is that yes. ShareThis is one of the best funded Widget Startups. it could have bought AddThis if they truly wanted it unless they had thought the price was too high for something they could end up getting done in the long haul. a acquisition of AddThis by Clearspring put this in perspective but also in question to me.

Now we are left with to big independent Widget Buttons in Tell-A-Friend and in AddToAny. maybe they could join into one for a third competitor. otherwise is very clear that the only competition will be with AddThis and ShareThis. just as it already was for the last 6 months or even the last year.



Company’s Reach Now Comparable to 7th Largest Web Property

McLean, Va. & Princeton, N.J. – Sept. 30, 2008 — Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget network connecting publishers and advertisers to audiences on the social Web, today announced the acquisition of AddThis, the No. 1 bookmarking and content sharing service on the Internet. Together, Clearspring and AddThis will serve over 20 billion views per month and reach more than 200 million unique visitors, creating the most widely used set of content sharing services on the Web.

Both companies achieved market leadership by delivering distinct content sharing products – AddThis providing the market’s most widely used tool for bookmarking and sharing Web pages, and Clearspring as the company that introduced the concept of point-and-click tools enabling users to easily move content between Web sites. Together the companies will offer the most comprehensive set of sharing tools available – becoming the de facto universal content sharing platform for Web publishers and end users. The collective footprint of the combined entity will reach a worldwide audience comparable to the 7th largest Web property.

"The Internet is becoming the backbone for digital communications – an essential part of our everyday lives," said Ted Leonsis, chairman of the board at Clearspring. "With the acquisition of AddThis, Clearspring is now at the forefront of that evolution, connecting digital content publishers and consumers via a single set of universally recognizable tools that enable people to easily communicate with content."

The sharing of Web sites, services, and other digital content as a way of communicating is growing in popularity, especially among the rapidly expanding social networking segment. In August 2008, comScore estimated that social networking users comprised more than 65 percent of the Web’s 860 million unique monthly visitors. With today’s news, the combined companies’ sharing services provide publishers with a comprehensive toolset, enabling them to make any content – whether a Web page or a standalone application – easily sharable to other Web sites, a user’s desktop, or a mobile device.

"AddThis has pioneered the easiest-to-use sharing experience, enabling users to quickly save and share Web pages. This experience has propelled the AddThis sharing button to become the biggest little thing on the Web – installed on hundreds of thousands of sites around the world," said Hooman Radfar, Clearspring’s chief executive officer. "We are committed to this paradigm and intend to make our combined offerings synonymous with ‘sharing made simple.’"

Clearspring and AddThis enable people to easily share content with trusted friends and social groups across popular sites like Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Twitter and Digg. Compelling content often shared includes Web pages, videos, movie trailers, news, sports updates, trivia quizzes, games, music, and more, and can be shared across more than 80 social networking, blogging and bookmarking services.

"With its highly scalable infrastructure and proven management team, Clearspring brings tremendous value to AddThis," said Dom Vonarburg, chief executive officer of AddThis. "We share their vision for empowering users and publishers and look forward to providing the industry’s standard sharing platform as we build out the next generation of Clearspring products."



madKast to be acquired by ShareThis

September 26th, 2008

Derek wrote about MadKast over a year ago, shortly after i joined Widgets Lab. then he implemented it here in the blog and ended up ditching it because of integration problems. back then. the differences with ShareThis were not really significant as they are now. ShareThis now offers support for more services and got better integration. this allowed ShareThis to surpass all the competing Link Sharing Widgets and gained them serious financial backing.

Madkast was the one option that at the time that looked to be the widget that would be able to compete with ShareThis. this of course never happened because madKast glacial development pace compared to ShareThis. but that not means they didn`t had interesting tech and the right ideas. ShareThis seems to think so because they are now acquiring them. something that validates the approach madKast had. the reason for ShareThis to buy them out is because they don`t want to take any chances and solidify their first place in Link Sharing. a must because of the funds they have so far raised.

The competition in this space is also hard. ShareThis continues to compete with AddThis, AddToAny and the relatively newcomer Tell-A-Friend among other lesser known solutions like Addit and iBegin Share. Tell-A-Friend is the more likely to be able to compete with ShareThis from a tech and implementation point of view if it evolves fast. AddThis is just second to ShareThis and they continue to grow fast. by acquiring madKast. ShareThis ensure their winning position against their competition. no matter if their competitors do manage to evolve fast or not. all thanks to the complemented tech and developing team refresh they will get from madKast.

The only thing i hope so. is that this means we will see ShareThis improving their implementation and ease of use in the same way some of the competing widgets have done.  my preferred executions continue to be Ibegin share and Tell-A-Friend.

I did tried out iBegin Share and found it to be superior in some ways to ShareThis. but their slow development pace and lack of proper support for Internet Explorer made me ditch them in favor of ShareThis. after some time using ShareThis and having tried all the other widgets. it is easy to understand why they are a success.  it resumes to development pace, browser support and good analytics. it will be interesting to see what the next versions of ShareThis will be like with the added value of madKast.



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