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YouTube will let you sell your own ads.

June 11th, 2008


Now, this is a good reason to experiment in overlays. youtube advertising is going to take into new realms because while they have been testing overlays and advertising for brands and premium channels. how you sell ads on other uploaders material? . letting you sell your own ads. that is probably going to be the video version of adsense. a good article on all this and the reasoning behind it at the link.


You created the content, now sell the ads – advertising age

Clearspring forms strategic partnership with KickApps to increase advertising revenue

June 11th, 2008

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In a effort to speed monetization clearspring and kickapps have found a way to benefit each other goals by forming a strategic partnership. this strategic partnership includes an agreement on part of clearspring to promote kickapps new WYSIWYG widget studio, or for a lack of a better comparition kickapps is going to make their own internal Sprout like widget editor that will also can “socialize” the widget you create with kickapp social platform offering but kickapps will then in turn use clearspring new widget analytics offering and their distribution channels.

This will of course allow clearspring and kickaps advertising footprint and revenue faster than they would be able to do without it. and that is the whole point.

Since it would be redundant to rewrite what it has already being very well exposed by kickapps. i present you the relevant part of kickapps press release and will just comment after it:

Companies Collaborate on Advancing KickApps’ WidgeAD™ Format and Clearspring’s Widget Ad Network

New York and Mc Lean, VA, June 10, 2008KickApps, the leading on demand social media platform, and Clearspring Technologies Inc., the world’s largest widget syndication and tracking service, today announced a strategic partnership to further accelerate widget usage and monetization. Under the agreement, Clearspring will promote KickApps’ new WYSIWYG Widget Studio (currently in beta), a self-service widget-authoring environment to the Clearspring user base. This will enable Clearspring customers to easily build their own rich-media and interactive widgets with tremendous ease. KickApps will use Clearspring’s powerful distribution and tracking services to provide one-click distribution and in-depth analytics to anyone using the KickApps Platform.

With widgets becoming an integral part of every web publisher and marketer’s arsenal for driving audience growth, the industry is turning its focus to widgets as a platform for advertising. With over 24,000 publishers using KickApps to create and deploy widgets, including some of the world’s largest media & entertainment companies, the company recently launched an internal initiative around the development of WidgeADs™, KickApps’ new industry standard format for widget advertising. Using Clearspring’s WidgetMedia services, the companies will collaborate on delivering a powerful end-to-end widget advertising solution for publishers and marketers. Clearspring is the No. 1 widget platform in the U.S. tallying 47.5 million unique widget viewers in April 2008, according to comScore’s Widget Metrix report.

“Widgets have proven to be a very effective vehicle for distributing content and marketing messages in a highly viral manner,” said Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps. “As we’ve done with social networking, user-generated content and video players, we’re reducing the barriers to entry for publishers and Madison Ave to begin monetizing widgets using WidgeADs. Our partnership with Clearspring brings together the core pieces that will define this new market opportunity.”

Like next-generation banner ads, widgets are interactive Web applications that contain dynamically updated content, keeping them fresh and relevant to viewers, and driving traffic back to the publisher’s web site. Consumers can easily grab and post widgets that interest them to their own websites, social networking site, personal homepage, blog or desktop. Posted widgets retain their viral capability and can be shared time and again.

“Our vision is to deliver an end-to-end solution enabling marketers and publishers to reap the benefits of the emerging widget channel,” said Hooman Radfar, founder and CEO of Clearspring. “We have created innovative solutions for distribution, tracking, and monetization and we are well on the way to creating the Web’s most efficient widget ad network. In partnering with KickApps we deliver a one-stop shop for any publisher or marketer to create and distribute widgets.” 

Clearspring’s advertising solutions are fully integrated with the top ad-serving systems including DoubleClick and Mediaplex. Clearspring also offers a full set of analytics and reporting tools so advertisers can monitor activity as WidgeADs traverse the Web and can manage media placements in response to each widget’s viral performance.

This is a interesting partnership for both but i see clearspring as the most benefited in the long haul from this. however the details on how are they going to combine the advertising or how they are going to split revenue are not really clear. but kickapps interest is being able to gain more clients and also get their current clientele to jump into this too.

The other interesting factor is to see how widgets are the quickly turning into this new form of advertising-marketing. the representation of what both camps are now calling  the new Customer Engagement tools.



Money in Widgets?. AOL got that with userplane

June 4th, 2008


According to Om Malik, the biggest Widget Backed Ad network is not any of the usual big Widget companies but userplane, now owned by AOL:

“Userplane has been selling widget ads for a while, and Jones said that his company is doing about a billion widget-ad impressions a day. That makes it one of the top 30 ad networks as ranked by comScore.

While a majority of the ads run in Userplane’s own widgets on MySpace, Facebook and Friendster, Userplane sells ads for other widget makers as well, putting it in competition (somewhat) with some of the other players who sell ads to widgets that run in social networks — Scott Rafer’s Lookery, Seth Goldstein’s Social Media, Appfuel and 83Degrees’ fbExchange.”

That is truly eye opening and something that i was mildly unaware. i knew about userplane ad network but not that it was such a massive beast.

Om is quite into not liking widget much so he is not that well informed on the spot because he misses lots of references to the Widget Market and ends up saying about how interesting a AOL-Bebo-userplace scenario for widgets is forgetting AOL also owns Goowy and YourMinis. so it is even more interesting that he presumes now that it is also known AOL still possess the Ad Network with the best reach in the web. something that no one could have guessed either.

I said it once and i say it twice: AOL Ad network minus Google Ties + Ask Search + Netvibes  + all they have purchased and planned already (  userplane, bebo, goowy, yourminis,etc)= HUGE WIN.

But that is for them to figure it out.

Meanwhile it is time to pay attention to AOL and the widget property they now own.

Userplane, the Really Big Widget Ad Network via GigaOM

NeoEdge offers casual games catalogue in a Widget

May 26th, 2008


NeoEdge is Advertising-Marketing Network that places targeted Ads in casual games and does marketing on the games they serve Ads in. of their many ways to market the games, they got two that go hand in hand.

The first part is a Affiliate program for Blogs and Websites to promote the Ad Driven Games. the second part is tat you do such promotion with a interactive Widget. this widget serves as a portable catalogue of the 400 games in their library of casual games and it lets you browser all the games in that catalogue and download the games.


The use of a widget for such a ambitious campaign should be applauded, i do. more because they do got the details figured out. the Widget by it self cannot do good without the content, the advertising, the marketing, the metrics, etc,etc.

I also like that the widget takes in count a flexible model that can be take advantage Bloggers in familiar way to “Adsense” like qualities.


I am interested in seeing more of this widget, so i will try to get more info on it and post about it.

It should be take in consideration that just 6 months ago a widget such like this one would have been impossible because of all the mentioned details behind it and even some of the technicalities.

6 months from now, this kind of distributive widgets should be the common and they are also a step before the full “store in a Widget” i have been looking for to appear for almost a year now.


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