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RockYou Raises Another $17 Million In Funding From Softbank

November 6th, 2008


RockYou truly baffles me now. they have raised yet another $17 million in funding from Softbank. one of the biggest Japanese Companies you can take money from and now looks to set its mind not only in social network game widgets but Mobile and Desktop Widgets for Asia?.

WOW. that is really bold and if Softbank put money into them. then they must have something truly going on. with this new funding round they have now outpaced their eternal competitor Slide for the moment in terms of ambitions and scope. lets hope they do manage to deliver something tangible for the sake of Widgets. because now they have raised  $67 million dlls!. crazy amount for a Widget Startup (if we can call them that anymore…) that aim to be a big Company.


via Mashable

RockYou Wants To Be A Social Network Game Widget Powerhouse

October 7th, 2008


Unless Valleywag is now making stuff up in a deliberate manner. they had a good report on the desire of RockYou to be “the Electronic Arts of Social Networks and build games for Social Networks” in the words of RockYou CEO Lance Tokuda.

This means is not just Slide adding more things to focus on and to try out. this means that the eternal rivalry of RockYou with Slide will come to an abrupt end in the months to come as they will no longer overlap directly with each other.

The things i said about Slide also apply to RockYou as a great example of how a quite profitable Widget Startup is forced and pushed into constant reinvention because of how strongly funded and valued it is. give it needs to compensate with projections of revenue in order to live to that funding and valuation.

The same goes for the slow reaction they had to Facebook obvious plans to shun them and how putting too much into one single Social Network Platform was their worst move.

One of the first steps they took in this direction was their acquisition of one of the Top Games in Facebook some months ago. there is a simple problem with RockYou new focus. A stiff competition with Zynga, SGN and things like Come2Play. this puts them in a position of Underdog instead of Top Dog. a position they still have in Facebook. Rockyou will face a uphill battle outside Facebook.

 RockYou diving deeper into social games via Valleywag


RockYou Shocks Everyone

September 18th, 2008


By mistakenly leave out 450 advertising partners and potentials partner out in the clear!!!:

From TechCrunch

At 6:40 pm last night, a RockYou employee sent out an email to RockYou’s entire existing and potential advertising partners – 450 people in all. The email itself was a simple notice of RockYou’s new advertising website, and a request to “please change their ad tags to reflect the changes in our ad servers.”

Pretty run of the mill stuff, except RockYou included every email address in the CC field, providing every recipient (and everyone it’s been forwarded to, including us) with a complete contact list of every major application developer and potential advertiser on the Facebook platform.


Daamn. i guess that the employee who did it is no longer working in RockYou or was seriously reprimanded. this is was a serious mistake. now every RockYou competitor (Slide) and Widget Startup knows who is interested in widget advertising and they can then match up their list to their own and see who is missing, plan up that list, etc.

I bet this caused a good day in the widget space all thanks to RockYou who now has suffered a little PR damage. on the other hand it could still end up being positive because this gave more awareness to their RockYou Ad Platform than anything else.

Why, hello everyone in the world who makes Facebook apps

Facebook cripples RockYou SuperWall, it goes down hill rapidly

July 8th, 2008

image          image

Facebook is such a killjoy lately for the two biggest fb8 app developers. just when slide managed to recover Top Friends after more than a week of inactivity, the application fell from grace on active users but managed to retain 1 million active users. but that was not the same for RockYou superwall that has fallen below  600k  active users from 2.4 million active users in a matter of days when Facebook cut out the notification and invitation invitation  from superwall.


Unlike Slide case of Hackery being the cause. SuperWall offense is its spammy nature. what is interesting is the why o such decrease compared with Top Friends?. as someone who has suffered from getting notifications of both apps it is clear that Top Friends got a better engagement and retention level because of the sociological factor in the app being different from superwall. superwall is a simple utility that overlaps with Facebook Wall and its main attractive is that is promises to enhance that app. in the case of Top Friends it is a Automatic and persistent utility with a lower level of manageability than super wall and removing it would cause a immediate doubt in the user toward the reaction his/her  “top friends” may have if the app is removed. it is a subtle but subconscious thing.

I say it so because i had reactions like that when i removed that app unlike with SuperWall where there is not that social element because in Facebook “lore” being a “Top Friend” means being a actual friend.

SuperWall on the other hand is more like a chore to you if you don`t have the app because it is a replicated communication channel that overlaps with the original app. without notifications, users are more than willing to let that app go without second thougths about it since there is no activity to be had.

Facebook punishes RockYou`s Baby  via AllFacebook

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