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Hangout at YouTube with your Google+ friends

August 19th, 2011

Google has updated Google+…and YouTube Yay!

They have integrated YouTube with Google+ Hangouts, giving users a one-click option on the video streaming site so that they can instantly watch clips with their friends. You will now find “Watch with friends, Start A Google+ Hangout” in the “Share” menu underneath YouTube videos.

This is cool!

Google menu bars now follow you when scrolling down the screen. This is a feature that was quickly added to many Google+ extensions for Chrome, although here the engineers have been clever about it and, if youhappen to be on a smaller display, the bar will remain fixed to give you more screen real estate. 🙂

Also check out the new animated notification button


Display your Google+ stats in a widget

July 12th, 2011

Google+ is hot right now. Very hot it seems. So hot that some of the people responsible for decided to create a cool way to track and display Google+ statistics. is born

When I noticed that Google+ might become popular and that I could build a script to get the following and followers numbers I didn’t think about it too long and started hacking away. On Monday morning the lead developer for TwitterCounter joined me and together we built a first version of a top 100 for Google+. is a super speedy startup that is both tracking Google+’s hottest (Top) 100 and giving you an easy way to display your Google+ stats on your site with a simple embed.

The widget design is simple, yet elegant. Clean lines with no clutter.
Your profile pic is displayed and linked to your page. Your ‘Followers’ stat and ‘Friends’ stat are also linked to your page. They are kind enough to include a ‘myprofile’ link that actually links to your Google+ profile as well. Also there is a convenient link at the bottom to


HoneyGram web app for Android Honeycomb Tablets

June 27th, 2011

We are still waiting for an official Instagram app for Android… everyone will have to settle for the next best thing.

HoneyGram…an Instagram web app. This particular web app is made for Android Honeycomb. It takes advantage of the touch screen and gestures to see and share all of your pictures.

There really is no sense waiting for Instagram to come out with an app for Android when they clearly aren’t interested in doing so. If I was to make a guess…maybe they have been tempted by a ‘magic’ Apple and have decided to abandon all thought of a liaison with a little green Android.

All the usual Instagram perks work. Users can see all the popular images on Instagram, images based on location, search tags and put a widget onto your homescreen.

Many more features are unlocked when you log in with your Instagram account. Authenticating allows you to view your images, your friend feed, view other user’s images, follow/unfollow users, view more results for tag searches, and add 3 more types of widgets to your dashboard. (my friends, tag search, my pictures)

Check out HoneyGram in the Android Market

Vevo for Android arrives

January 12th, 2011

If you love music videos, Vevo is your dream application.

Vevo for Android offers 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 of your favorite artists. You can watch and share any video easily with friends via Twitter, Facebook & Email.

Voice Control

Know exactly what you want to watch?
Activate Voice Control and search for your video by artist or song name. You can even search by Top Videos, and Premieres. WooHoo!

Share or Purchase videos

Share your favorite videos with friends quickly via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Want to own your favorite video? Instantly purchase using the buy links to Amazon or iTunes.

Get Vevo for Android

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