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Adgregate Markets Acquires Gydget

June 29th, 2009


I decided to add this note even if happened almost two weeks ago as a inspirational note that the widget space marches on even in this recession. i know that may sound weird since it is about a acquisition. but even then a acquisition in this economic climate is a good thing right?

So Adgregate Markets that specialize in making transaction enabled Shopping Ad Banners decided that it was a good idea to buy a Promo Widget Network like Gydget. IT IS. these will be rolled into the ShopAds they do and will result in in-widget shops and smarter ad widgets.

Gydget had been around for 2 years or so and it seems that they were losing steam as the competitions in promo widgets is quite brutal now. but this is a good ticket out and it does create a better end product, that in the end continues to be widgets. so it is all good.


Adgregate Markets

Adgregate Markets Snaps Up Widget Maker Gydget  via Techcrunch

Nooked Shopping Ad Widgets

July 31st, 2008


Given the demand for good Ad Widgets or Widget Ads. and with things like WidgetBucks doing the round lately. the nooked Shopping Ad Widgets are the perfect fit as a alternative for those looking for some revenue generated from a widget.

The concept with nooked is to turn you into a Shopping Advertising Agent for them via Widgets. they take care of the rest. you simply choose a product you may like or that fits in with the theme of your blog and then generate a widget that can serve such product. you also get to choose what  source you want use. that means from what online retailer the stuff will come from.


Only you have made your Nooked Ad Widget you can then proceed to put it in your blog once you have of course registered with them. but as a way to try out how the widget looks. nooked let you make a widget and ask for registration once you have finished to made your widget.

The Widget Editor is very straightforward and allows for a good integration in most blogs.


The only question would be if it works and they pay once you have generated some money out of it. but to answer that, i guess you will have to try it out.


via snipperoo

Strands recommendation engine to introduce a product recommendation widget for eCommerce

June 10th, 2008


Strands is a recommendation engine for products, music, lifestyle and what not and have now set to released what they do into widgets starting with product recommendation for  eCommerce sites. so if you are shopping online and buy a gray shirt and widget contextually will change and recommend you a matching shoes or jeans that go with the style of what you have chosen. this is possible by having multi threading points of reference. like doing a search but the search engine comparing what you searched for  with what they got in the database and also be able to categorize reflecting on that catalogue  with tags, categories and labels while distinguish what is what.

At least that is the idea.

Strands is invite only but you can request an invitation:


Will update when the product has launched.

via Techcrunch

Storefront PayPal Widget

December 5th, 2007

12_05_2007 05_21 p.m.

It has to happen, “E-stores in a Widget” have been on of the most important Widget developments of this year in terms of web widgets because it not only implies a sequence of display but a actual process in it that need not only to be well done but to be secure while it happens. and that is the reason why i think E-store Widgets are set apart from the rest and can even be considered a break point in widget development.

And even if there are still details on them to be figured out so they get as perfect and as autonomous as they need to be, today PayPal surely got us pretty damn close to that end with their new Storefront Widget.

The reason why this E-store PayPal branded widget is important  comes from the simple reason that this is a PayPal developed E-store widget, making it by default, the most trust worthy and solid of them, simply because you know how to use PayPal thanks to eBay, you know that people know how to use it and that is a already built barrier of trust and confidence that comes with the brand.

The storefront options at this moment are limited but the set up is there and can be easily perceived where it can go and that it will remain.

Where it needs to improve?, pretty much in everything around the edges, meaning that even if it is good, the fact that it comes from PayPal makes the expectations and nitpicking’s go higher and that is great because it will push the rest to improve as further as they can from what PayPal has done.

12_05_2007 05_22 p.m. 

12_05_2007 05_22 p.m._001

Now lets wait for full international support and options so we can get it on, in the meantime, check it out:

Storefront PayPal Widget

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