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Skyfire Beta releases for all in the USA

September 26th, 2008


Skyfire is a Mobile Browser that takes the Opera Mini model and runs with it to provide full Multimedia and RIA Web support for Mobiles. this means that the Browsing is Server based. this way you can enjoy of a fast experience without you having to worry about the power of your device. right now it is out for Windows Mobile (5,6 and 6.1) and Nokia S60 phones. the best experience is of course for Windows Mobile because the platform is more flexible to develop in.

Skyfire previously noted that if you had it running. you could then saw the Beijing Olympics. that is because when i mean it got multimedia support is because they mean it. you can run video players in web pages, Flash,Flex, Java and of course Silverlight. this means you can not only enjoy of all kind of video. but it also means you can run all kind of web applications and widgets too.

You can now download and use it if you are in the USA. there is no word when it will be out for more countries but i wish they do release it for outside of the USA. it would make sense that it can get supported everywhere. even if it means that it will not be free to use. but that is still just speculation.


Skyfire now supports Silverlight. that means you can watch the olympics in your phone

August 18th, 2008


Skyfire is a Mobile browser still in private beta that works by  interactively streaming web browsing from a server to your phone and back. this means that you can run the same full web experience you have in your pc. that includes Silverlight content. and if that includes silverlight. it also means that you can use it to watch the NBC olympics broadcast from your phone.

This is of course exciting. that means not only having a full web experience in your phone but also having access to the same RIA web experience you have in the PC in your phone. Flex, flash, Silverlight and more than likely JavaFX whenever it finally launches.  having all that also means you will be able to have access to 99%of all online widgets. the Skyfire browser will support Windows Mobile and S60 nokia phones.

The only unfortunate thing is that it is USA only. so anyone not in the USA is out of luck. hopefully they will open up once they launch.


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