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Slide sides with Old Media, starts retreating from Fun Facebook Widgets and into…Fun Media?

October 7th, 2008


Slide has always been touted as one of the Top examples in Widget Startups. i do agree. because there is nothing wrong with that it does. it is quite profitable. the problem is that Slide raised too much funding money for what they did and what their core market was and then asked for valuations that do not represent the value of what it can accomplish in a realistic manner.

What is worse. it is in the biz of surfing trends inside a Social Network Platform that evolves yearly making the market of what slide tackled very temporary.

This forces it to constantly trying to reinvent itself in order to look for revenue streams that give it the prospect of future projected earnings in a very uneven and risky way. the truth is that if Slide was not as Founded and valued as it is. it could happily chug along at is own pace without a problem and extend and adapt without changing its focus every 6 months or so.

But since that is not the case in the slightest. it now has side up with old media in the look of a shot at bringing media content to Facebook and elsewhere as Kara Swisher points out:

You almost have to admire the shape-shifting–if not a wee bit slippery–stylings of Slide CEO Max Levchin.

The serial entrepreneur– whose current start-up has made him the massively-funded widget-king of Web 2.0–has signed distribution deals with Time Warner’s Warner Bros. unit, CBS and Comcast’s E! Entertainment channel to allow users of its new FunSpace Channels video service to look at clips from shows.

Slide’s other media partners in the new deal include Current Media, Hulu, Universal Music Group, as well as, Break Media, CollegeHumor, FUEL TV, Howcast Media, Video Detective and YouTube.

The FunSpace video service will recommend content based on how much users forward clips to others.

To make money, Slide will get a cut of ads sold by its media partners, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Funspace is the name of this new Video Service that Slide will use as the new way for them to get more revenues. so they passed from making fun widgets to fun media?. fitting is guess. after it should not come as a surprise after the last hint they made when they did their VH1 SuperPokeFest promotion…

That is why i criticized Slide when i said that given the money they had and given the team and traffic they had. they could easily have done some pretty great Widgets with advanced functionality.  they didn’t`. they also didn’t`expanded out from Facebook in a Timely manner either or showed interest in Blogs.

That means i think they had plenty of time and chances to do many things that could have allowed them stay of with Widgets full on. this new Media Content distribution thing hints at they making this their new priority. so even if they will not bail out of Widgets or Facebook Widget-apps like the ones they are known for. this should seriously downplay them and turn Slide in a new kind of Widget Startup.


via Kara Swisher – BoomTown

Facebook slams Slide Top Friends supremacy by copying the base functionality

July 17th, 2008

image               image

Woah, i think Facebook clearly got some issues with the Top 2 Widget-App makers in facebook because it just cannot stop poking them (pun intended) in the eyes.

First the whole Slide Top Friends is a threat for Facebook Security, Then the deal with RockYou SuperWall being all full of fail (spam in this case) and must be taken down and now Facebook going back into trying to knock out Slide Top Friends by adding the base functionality to the regular Friends bar.


Of course, it can be seen as just a step in progress and part of the new profile look if it was not such a lie. why now?. i mean. yeah it is a simple thing to add the option to place what friends you want to show by default, but it is not something that should have been added back when Top Friends launched?. waiting so long just makes no sense. unless is of course on purpose.

We asked for Slide’s reaction. They were surprisingly chipper!

"Yes, we view this feature as directly competitive to a relatively small part of our Top Friends functionality," Slide’s Keith Rabois told us. "A developer on any platform must expect that their popular, but simple, features will be absorbed into platform over time."

But none of this has the salesman in Rabois down. He goes on:

You can see that Top Friends has a very large number of complex features that have a complicated back-end (Awards, Visual Personality, Music, world-class skins) — we expect those will continue to be long-term strategic advantages over other large developers and the platforms themselves

New Facebook feature makes top friends app redundant via Valleywag

*Yes, i am aware i am linking Valleywag, don`t worry about it*

Slide “Top Friends” now back in Facebook

July 7th, 2008


It has been well over a week since Slide Top Friends  Facebook Widget-App got removed by Facebook because a Hacker used a bug within it that allowed him to  access pretty much all the common profile details of anyone using the widget (one case at time, don`t fret) . as with any security breach Facebook tracks for script abnormal behavior in periods of 24hrs so it is guessed that the breach may have been there for only 24hrs (a little more , a little less, that is unknown) .

Slide claims to had resolved the issue  very fast after they were noted of the breach. that didn`t mattered because Facebook took its time to test and re-evaluate Top Friends before re-enable it for all.

But that is not the only interesting part of this. what i want to know is how this affected the Widget-app numbers and how it benefited RockYou because of that.

But i guess that is a job for someone like Nick O`Neil to figure out. so please nick, you know you want to know too.

Slide SuperPokeFest: Vh1 to superpoke you. wait… what?

July 2nd, 2008


Ok. the idea of personal messages appearing in TV during a show segment is nothing new. that is something MTV has been doing for years now.but that is not the news. the news in here is that Superpoke will sponsor a new reality tv show called “I Love Money” in Vh1

( you know. that Widget-App that has stormed the world at facebook and now has jumped to MySpace and also has been copied everywhere?. yeah.that one.)

When would you have thought that there would be a Widget  popular enough to be sponsoring a new TV show?. if this is a sign of the times already just imagine what the next decade holds us.

Well. the idea just like in MTV is for personal messages to appear during a show. but those messages will be chosen and generated from SuperPoke. so if you get selected your animated superpoke will appear in TV as the same time it does what it is supposed to do in the web.

There will be 10,000 Superpokes scheduled to appear during this SuperPokeFest things at Vh1.

Here you can see how the madness will look like.

Slide’s SuperPoke is coming to VH1

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