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iLike playlist via Friend Connect

January 15th, 2009

Google Friend Connect is Google’s beginnings of a social infrastructure. Instead of a central location like Myspace or Facebook, Friend connect is spread to the far reaches of the net. In December, it opened to all Websites. That means that anyone with a Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID username and password can sign in on any blog or site hosting a Friend Connect widget.

Friend Connect is also open to developers with the desire to design and build apps that integrate with Friend Connect.

Today, iLike (social music discovery service) announced a “social playlist” gadget utilizing the power of Google Friend Connect.

As the leader in social music discovery, we have used Google’s Friend Connect service to build a “social playlist” gadget, which launched today. This new feature empowers any Web site owner to add a playlist to his/her site. The social hook is that visitors to a participating Web site can “log in” (via Friend Connect) to edit these dynamic playlists by adding or deleting songs.

read entire iLike announcement.

Music has been a central theme in the social sphere since day one. People tend to adopt music related services rather quickly and I don’t think this will be any different. I do hope that the “Audio Police” leave this one alone…but if the recent news about “muting” copyrighted content on YouTube is any indication of future action, can we expect similar issues when the iLike gadget appears on 1 million blogs?

update: Upon further inspection I have noticed that the music is streamed through Rhapsody and they impose a “25 play” limit on non subscribers. (not sure if this is per song or plays per widget) This cripples the reach of this widget dramatically!

Look at the sidebar bottom for the iLike “Social Playlist” gadget widget

Mahalo Answers widget leaves Widgetslab

January 15th, 2009

Mahalo Answers is a cool concept and I thought it would be a great way for readers to connect with other readers.
But it requires you to sign up just to post a question. This pretty much kills it for those that don’t want to sign up. (there are a lot of us out there)
I realize that the commenting structure on Widgetslab is somewhat similar with required “name” and “email” fields…but there is no need to verify your info and I surely won’t sell your info. (Not that Mahalo will do this either…I’m positive they won’t) but it just feels too much like “another registration”.

I plan on trying out the Google Friend Connect widget.

I realize that it requires you to have a Google account and in that it is similar to many other “services” but the difference here is…there’s a greater chance that you (the reader) already have some type of Google account.

Please comment and let me know what you think.


Plurk Widget Editor Updated, Adds Customization and High Spread Sharing

July 1st, 2008


A nice update for the Plurk widget is now out and they have solved all of what i don`t liked in the first release.


Now you can customize the user details, the size and the colors of the widget so you can integrate it better to your blog.


There is also a live preview of the widget so you can make as many versions of your plurk widget as you want. if you want to save those versions before deciding which one you are going to use just save the code each time you come up with a version of your liking. preferable if you are going to be using the embed code directly.

If you are fine with just one version and don`t want to copy and paste the embed code yourself. don`t worry about it. the Plurk Widget Editor now counts with a High Spread Sharing module powered by gygia.


The guys at plurk aimed this release for blogs only so the options quick install are only for Blogs. but they have said they will add Widget- App versions for MySpace and Facebook very soon. i would add Friendster, Hi5 and Bebo while they are at it.

Other than that. no complains for it with this release.but if they can release a release a Vista Sidebar Gadget, that would be cool to have next.

It also got a extra perk for IE7/IE8 users because the Plurk Widget will render faster and with a extra option in the widget:

Quick Plurk subscribing so if anyone visits your blog and checks out the plurk widget, they can join directly from the widget by doing their first Plurk note right there on the spot and also follow your plurks immediately after they have joined.



via Plurk Blog

Plurk Posse Counter Chicklet and Karma Counter Chicklet

June 13th, 2008


Twitter was not the only microblogging service  to get a Counter Chicklet.  oh no.

Not if french Plurk user Ribreau Francois-Guillaume got something to say about it.

Thanks to him, Plurk got that too and more.

He put up two  Plurk Chicklet generators for Plurk. one for your Posse and one for Plurk Karma.

For those that are not Plurk users. Plurk Karma is the way rank is determined inside Plurk. is not about having more friends or more fans. having the highest karma is what makes the Top Plurker

The Maximum Amount of Karma is 100.00.

To have high karma everything counts. your number of friends, your fans, the people you invited to the service but more important that all is your activity with others. the more you plurk and comment in other people plurks . the more karma you get.

Having Explained that. here you got the details:

Plurk Posse Counter

You can see my own Plurk Posse Counter as a Example:


There is only one style in the same vein that the TwitterCounter right now but more are coming soon.

Plurk Posse Counter

Plurk Karma Counter


In the case of the Plurk Karma Counter you can choose a Chicklet button or two Karma Mascot Badges. the first one with the Official Plurk Headless Mascot that i like to call “Woofie: the headless puppy” or whatever Mascot you got in your Plurk Timelines. i like Woofie. so that is why it Appears Twice.

Plurk Karma Counter

And there you go. if you are in Plurk, just go get them. if you aren`t. you may want to visit my previous but recent posts on Plurk as service and the Plurk Widget.

I am also in Plurk, so if you are in it or get on board. stop and say hi.


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