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Reshare Posts from the Google+ Android App

August 29th, 2011

Simple video showing hot to reshare posts using the Google + app for Android.

Google Plus – Now you can ‘Ignore’ people

August 26th, 2011

Apparently ‘Hiding’ and ‘Blocking’ certain users on Google Plus needed some augmentation…so Google has added the ability to ‘Ignore’ a user.

The new ignore option is a lighter form of limiting what you see from a user on Google Plus. Google+ users won’t see posts of ignored users in their incoming stream, won’t get notifications about their activities and won’t see them on their circle page.

Ignoring basically hides the ignored user on Google Plus, while blocking removes the user and blocks interaction. Google has uploaded a video about the new ignore option and the existing block option.


Hangout at YouTube with your Google+ friends

August 19th, 2011

Google has updated Google+…and YouTube Yay!

They have integrated YouTube with Google+ Hangouts, giving users a one-click option on the video streaming site so that they can instantly watch clips with their friends. You will now find “Watch with friends, Start A Google+ Hangout” in the “Share” menu underneath YouTube videos.

This is cool!

Google menu bars now follow you when scrolling down the screen. This is a feature that was quickly added to many Google+ extensions for Chrome, although here the engineers have been clever about it and, if youhappen to be on a smaller display, the bar will remain fixed to give you more screen real estate. 🙂

Also check out the new animated notification button


Google Plus to add Games…soon

August 11th, 2011

The Official Google Blog announced the limited beta release of “Games in Google+”.

Seems that all the feature requests from the current crop of Tech Important users of Google Plus have been narrowed down to a desire to play mindless games.

I am assuming by some of the titles, that most of these games are one player games. Not very social. Unless you consider bragging about your top scores, a social activity.

Looking through the games listed at launch, I see Zynga. So I assume there will be a variation of the popular farming series, as well as city based game. These do have a social aspect to them. However, lets introduce something new to Google Plus…something that is not a rehash of something from Facebook.

Check out if you are able to participate in “Games in Google+“.

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