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Glow Hockey for Android is Awesome

April 27th, 2011

If you like Air Hockey, you will love Glow Hockey for Android. This is one of the easiest games to play and yet it remains fun all the time. You can easily hand this off to any kid and they will instantly know how to play it.

The neon colors make this a fan favorite with the kids. And the sound effects…clearly some effort was put into this one.

With over 5 million downloads and a solid 4 star rating, not to mention its completely FREE. You can’t go wrong with Glow Hockey

Get Glow Hockey

Fishing app for Android with Solar/Lunar timing

September 8th, 2010

Android Fishing App (not a game!)

If you are an experienced fisher-person…you know how easily fishing can be affected by solar and lunar changes. The Fishing Calendar app generates ‘solunar’ tables that greatly improve your odds of a successful fishing adventure.

Improve your fishing skill with this solunar tables generator. Get the best times for fishing in your location all around the world.

-Month view for best moon phase days
-Day view for best hours for fishing
-Custom user notes
-Photos of your catches
-Share your photos with friends
-Notes Map
-Widget: today state and times

What are Solunar tables?
The solunar tables (sun/moon based) provide you the best times of the day and best days of month for activities like fishing.

The best times for this activity are determined monthly by the moon phase. We can find the maximum when full moon or new moon and minor activity periods among them.

Every day have their own best times determined by the moon/sun set, rise, and transit (zenith/nadir). The best times of the day are when moon reach zenith or nadir (opposed to zenith), and there are secondary best times at moonrise and moonset.

Month period are shared worldwide and day times are based on your localization.

How Fishing Calendar helps you

This application provide all the information about solunar tables for a good fishing experience.

In the Month View you can see the moon phases and best fish activity. Touching a day you enter in Day View where you can see the best times for the selected day based on moon and sun.

The geolocation is done using GPS or mobile network, so is recommended enable at least one of this geolocation methods in your phone configuration. Without them we couldn’t calculate day events. If you are located far away mobile networks enable your GPS.

World Cup 2010 widgets from

June 8th, 2010

There are 6 great widgets available from that include:

World Leagues: Get up to the minute results and standings from your favourite leagues, as well as the latest news. A scrolling ticker also gives up-to-the minute scores.

Latest News: Stay updated with the goings on in world football with this Widget which highlights the five latest news stories which have been published on (widget below)

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking: Follow the fortunes of your favourite national team by adding this Widget, which charts whether they’ve move up or down the monthly FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

South Africa 2010: Follow your team during the FIFA World Cup™ by reading the latest news and seeing their fixtures and results. (widget below)

Latest Photos: Take a look at the latest footballing photos which have been uploaded on from all four corners of the globe. A picture tells a thousand words.

View them all at

NCAA March Madness 2010 widget

February 11th, 2010

As we approach the college hoops playoffs, I know you are looking for something easy to keep up on all the stats.

Get the NCAA official March Madness widget:

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