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auto updating Buzz stat widget from

March 31st, 2010

If you are into Google Buzz… offers a cool Buzz badge that displays your current followers. The badge also acts as a link to the Buzz-Stats user page associated with your badge. Here people can see stats about your Buzz activity and they can also follow you.

Google Buzz Team has 7379 followers on Google Buzz

There is also a graph of sorts provided. I believe it only displays the number of followers you have on any given day. Not much change happens on this graph.

Here is the Buzz-Stats page where you can create your own Buzz-Stats badge.

MyuStats blog stats widget badge

July 8th, 2008


MyuStats is a Blog Widget Badge that can  show all your most relevant stats for your blog while still remaining small or compact so you don`t use too much of your Sidebar Space.

My µStats, the simple and easiest way to show the Google, Yahoo, Technorati, Alexa, Feedburner and Delicious, incoming values and ranks of your site or blog.

My µStats is a small widget that you can embbed in your site, to show and track along the time (updated weekly) your most important incoming values. With no registration and no setup.

You can have to mode for it:





There is not much to say about it but at this place in time what is very outdated about the widget besides the 2005 design is the lack of customization for colors or a High Spread Sharing module so you  could install it effortlessly and it could generate more impulse use.

The idea is good i just wish it would offer a bar based chart instead of the graph since is too small and the black background don`t helps either.

Still recommended for those looking to show stats of their blogs without any effort.


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