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Verizon FIOS’s Widget Bazaar Guide

July 27th, 2009


By now, most of Verizon FIOS’s got the option of the Widget Bazaar. But just in case you haven’t bothered to look at it or have taken the time to use them. I feel obliged to point you out a post by Sarah Perez over at ReadWriteWeb wrote a step by step guide of the experience she had while setting it up. This  may be a deciding factor for those still to get the option or still not convinced to use it to try them out.

Facebook and Twitter on TV: Hands-On with Verizon FiOS’s New Widgets

Verizon FIOS’s Widget Bazaar Now Out

July 15th, 2009


Verizon gets into everything, don’t they?. The last being their own TV Widgets offering called Widget Bazaar. This is a supplemental service for Verizon FIOS users and you will start with 40 widgets that include the obvious social ones  like Twitter and Facebook or even online media content from, veoh and dailymotion.


There are several limitations:

1.-Only one user profile can be used (multi-profile support to come)

2.-No Widget Platform planned at the moment, Verizon will provide whatever widgets they think you should get. no schedule specified for updates.

3.-No YouTube and No Hulu of course

The other limitation is that unlike Vizio, the widgets are read only since you don’t have a proper remote to interact with the widgets in a full way. this could or could not change in the future based on the success of the Widget Bazaar. but expect having to pay a fee to change of Remote if the option is added.


A good supplemental service for those already lucky you to be able to have FIOS’s (unlike me, that my triple play service sucks compared to that)  and that you can ask or active now.


via Gizmodo

Vizio To Release Connected HDTV With Yahoo TV Widgets And On Demand Services

July 3rd, 2009


No doubt about it. Yahoo TV Widgets will be THE novelty in this fall HDTV offerings. The latest to join the party is Vizio that will offer a step up over the other HDTV’s with Yahoo TV Widgets as it will also offer On Demand Services like Pandora, Raphsody, Vudu, Netflix and Blockbuster OnDemand.

Yahoo TV Widgets being based off The Yahoo Widget Engine means you being able to get  Flickr, Twitter, Pandora, Last.FM, Facebook, MySpace, etc. All in Widget form.


The Other interesting bit is that it comes with a Remote Control/ Slide QWERTY Keyboard as the input/pointing device to enjoy the Vizio HDTV.


Quite a incredible offering  since it is like it having a service like Microsoft Mediaroom built into the TV by default without the need of a Top Box or it being a Media Center Extender. the only question now is if it will truly deliver. My concern is that it needs to be thoroughly tested in order for it to deliver a smooth and quick experience. The last thing you want is having a HDTV with slow loading Widgets ruining the experience.

Vizio releasing Twitter-, Flickr-, Netflix-enabled TV via CrunchGear


Yahoo TV Widgets Hands On

June 22nd, 2009


I bet you had forgotten about them. i almost did since i remember having posted on it way back in august of 2008. even with all the time that has passed. it looks like they are not here just yet but they are a lot closer.  they should debut this fall. only one year and half later than they first got attention.

Quite a Fumble considering that Sony Already shipped something and that it is very likely that Samsung will ship its own version of it for the Korean market as well as LG. even if both and  also Sony end up using Yahoo TV Widgets elsewhere.


But now can look and read a detailed experience on where the Yahoo TV Widgets experience is right now. as David Katzmaier from CNET got a Video Hands On and a extensive review of them.

A great article and i would say a must read since TV Widgets is a experience for the future if Yahoo and Intel have their way now that the change for Digital is already done and Broadband is finally almost everywhere. so better to be prepared now.

Yahoo TV Widgets hands-on review 

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