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Where are the Quad Core Tablets?

March 1st, 2012

The top echelon of Android device manufacturers have, so far, given consumers a huge let down this year. MWC2012 All the signs and all the rumors indicate that 2012 is the year of the Quad Core tablets.


Most people think of the Tegra3 as the holy grail of quad core chips and that the Android tablet performance revolution rests in Nvidia’s hands. They are right in this thinking. Nvidia has led the charge in the development of the quad core architecture, starting way back with the Tegra2. The problem that most device manufacturers are having right now is two fold.

Price point and competition.

Competition is easy. Figure out how to remove the blindfold from so many iPad fans eyes and you will have new customers.

Price Point is another matter. With Barnes & Noble and Amazon pricing their tablets in the basement with the hope of making it up on content sales. It makes selling your similar looking device at a profitable price point much harder. There is really only one way to create residual revenue on a tablet sale and that is to create your own affordable, desirable content market. Good Luck!

I would classify this as one of the chief reasons for a lack of updated and upgraded tablets so far this year. I am holding out hope for the often spoke about mystery ASUS 7″ with a Tegra3 and Android 4.0 supposedly out in the second quarter. All this goodness for $249 seems completely impossible from a profit standpoint though.


ClockworkMod Recovery for the NOOK Tablet (backup, restore, install updates) – Liliputing

January 23rd, 2012

ClockworkMod Recovery for the NOOK Tablet (backup, restore, install updates) – Liliputing.

I have to share this as it is almost unprecedented how cool this is!

Liliputing to the rescue for delivering this great news.

ClockworkMod Recovery is a utility that allows Android phone and tablet users to completely backup or restore their device, erase data, or install custom software. Up until recently there was no easy way to install ClockworkMod or any custom recovery on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, but hackers have made great progress working around the tablet’s locked bootloader recently — and now there’s a simple one-click tool for installing ClockworkMod.

ClockworkMod Recovery NOOK Tablet

A hint about Indirect’s recovery installer app.

Go to to read the rest of this fantastic story!

The Popularity of Cyanogen has given these developers a taste of power

January 22nd, 2012

If you didn’t know it, Cyanogen is a group of exceptional developers that are focused on wringing every ounce of performance and customisability out of the Android platform. With the creation of custom ROMs for numerous Android devices, Cyanogen has generated a kind of cult status among those who would like to tell the Mobile Phone Service Providers with their locked devices and sub-par performance…to FUCK-OFF!

Cyanogen recently announced over 1 million installs of their wildly popular CM7.

CM7 is basically a retooled Android GingerBread (Android 2.3.X) that is capable of making your old, outdated Android phone scream with performance…so to speak.

Here is a quote from a recent PC World article pointing out some of the interesting aspects to this popularity.

One of the biggest reasons, if not perhaps the biggest reason, that owners of Android and iPhone phones “root” or “jailbreak” their device to install custom firmware and operating systems is so they can install unofficial tethering and hotspot services. Perhaps the most popular unofficial system, CyanogenMod, is at the point where it not only pushes Google to offer some of its features in their official Android builds, but is considering its own Android app store, to provide apps like ClockworkMod Tether.

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Devs load early Android 4.0 build on the NOOK Tablet – Liliputing

January 13th, 2012

Devs load early Android 4.0 build on the NOOK Tablet – Liliputing.

Yes that’s right! You are looking at a Nook Tablet booting I.C.S. Android 4.0x

The Nook Tablet signed boot loader has apparently been cracked and development on porting CM9 (CyanogenMod 9) to the device is underway. 🙂 🙂

from nemith on XDA

So now that we have found the leaking crack in the bootloader and proved it’s usefulness fat-tire and others are going to start work on a couple of key projects that I could use a little help on.

This will also keep conspiracy theorists at bay who call me “extremely low IQ male rooster with social development issues” (Also I have no pies)

Here is how i see the next steps:

Strip down uboot (or other bootloader) and teach it boot from it’s own partition.

For example install 2nduboot in /boot, hijacking the signature check and then setting a 1MB offset to look for the real, unsigned boot.img. Repeat for recovery.

This is the real hold up and why there is nothing to “flash” as of yet. (still no pies)

Finish CWM. 100% done.
Completed. See recovery.img here:….php?t=1440645

Work on CM9 for both SDcard and internal booting

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