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June 22nd, 2010 allows you to copy 3 lines of code and add them to your sites HTML to create a web toolbar that will let your visitors have access to a site specific chatroom.

The toolbar sits at the bottom of your website and looks similar to this. (25 themes available)

When you click on the ‘Join Chat’ button, this small chat room pops up and you start chatting with other people on the site. Pretty simple and straight forward.

There is a FREE account as well as Premium accounts for larger traffic sites with more custom options available.

Check it out.

Yahoo Toolbar 8.0 and 2.0 Beta: Catching Up With The Times

June 22nd, 2009


Yahoo Toolbar 8.0 (IE) and 2.0 Beta (FireFox)  is out and its new. but if you suddenly feel invaded by a Deja Vu looking at this picture:


It is ok to be. you are not losing your mind. Yahoo Toolbar 8 is indeed familiar. The reason it is so familiar is because it shamelessly copies from IE8 WebSlices, Google Toolbar 8 and MSN Silverlight Toolbar. so there is not much to say about it for you if you are already a IE8 user. but i do give it to them: it looks great. so if you are a Yahoo Fan, you like Yahoo Widgets, this is a must. otherwise don’t bother  with it if you already have IE8 since you can get Yahoo Webslices and Accelerators and replace most of the Toolbar features. but if you are a Firefox user and you like Yahoo it  is worth checking it out. the same if you are in a machine with IE7 and you are not allowed to upgrade it but you are able to install stuff to it.

Yahoo Toolbar 8.0 and 2.0 Beta

via Techcrunch

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