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Samsung Anycall Haptic 2 announced, comes with TouchWIZ and 50 Widgets by default

September 29th, 2008


Ok, Samsung has gone completely crazy and overboard with TouchWIZ. as if it was not enough with the announcement of their new Photo Centric, 8mp camera and TouchWIZ phone. they are now announcing the second version of the Samsung Anycall Haptic. a phone that i wrote about just a little over 6 months ago as it was the second to sport TouchWIZ.

The frame of the phone seems to share half of the Omnia look and half of the Pixon look. the Anycall is multimedia centric and it comes with Digital Mobile TV, 4gb or 16gb SSD options and improvements in multi touch, haptics and responsiveness compared to the first Anycall Haptic. but that is not all. it comes fully packed with Samsung TouchWIZ Widgets. it carries 50 TouchWIZ Widgets from the let go. that is quite a selection. does that means that those are all the TouchWIZ Widget available considering that the Pixon comes with 18 by default?. that is the question left unanswered right now. but 50 widgets should suffice to anyone for the first months. given the pace they got. a new Omnia Software Update should not be far away. i will of course keep you posted.

via Telecoms Korea

Samsung Pixon M8800 reviewed, comes with TouchWIZ and 18 Widgets

September 29th, 2008


The pace of the Mobile Industry is blazing fast now in Korea. just last week i posted about the LG Renoir KC910 and wondered how Samsung would respond to it and its 8mb pixels camera and such. it results they already had a response in the plans with the M8800 known as PIXON.


While it may not responds in a Spec vs Spec way it does look to blow away the LG Renoir on two areas: The Camera and The Widgets.

Mobile Review have a extensive review of the device and in one part of it talk about the Widgets in the Device and claim almost 20. i personally counted 18 from the screens they show and the list they make of them. so i will go with 18.

       widget03        set08

they also mention that you can load  TouchWIZ Widgets from a Samsung website. i wonder if that also work in the WM6.1 +TouchWIZ  Omnia or just for Samsung OS +TouchWIZ phones. i had never seen the mention of a samsung TouchWIZ widgets website anywhere else before.

So, if you want to have a look at the phone. check the review. a good choice if you are interested in a 8mp camera phone.

Review of GSM/UMTS-handset Samsung PIXON M8800 via Mobile.Review

Samsung i900 Omnia unveiled, WM 6.1 with TouchWiz Desktop Widgets

June 10th, 2008


Over 3 months ago i told you about the TouchWIZ UI made by samsung which is what TouchFlo and now TouchFlo 3D is for the HTC. Samsung decided they are going to one up the HTC diamond and the iphone all together and triumph over tem in hardware terms. easy to do in the iPhone but not so easy to do with the HTC diamond. but they done it. they have  made a High End Smartphone with WM 6.1 pro with TouchWIZ. so now i know why they did the Widget desktop in a Vista like form factor.

The TouchWiz was ported from the previous phone they had it running that was the Anycall haptic phone into Windows Mobile. i must say that the Widget Desktop idea where you can drag and use the widgets right from the desktop sits better with Windows Mobile because it feels like a simulation of what you do in Vista Sidebar or with Vista Sidebar like software like Google  and Yahoo own desktop widgets. a form factor that is now truly a standard and they way to place widgets since Google is also using it for Linux and i have seen in WebTops and Web Operative Systems (webos).

The name of the Phone is Omnia i900 and it is a truly interesting and very nice WM 6.1 phone. Samsung is so sure about this phone that they even dared to announced when the WWDC keynote kicked off.  i am sure that it will do well after the iPhone 3G hype is over and people discover that while the iPhone is now $200 “anywhere”. it not really true and also learn that a 2 year contract with hefty  carrier plans is also waiting for them among other many details and hidden costs.

Samsung also brought iPhone like style into the form so it can convey a hybrid of the UX and UI you can have wit the iPhone and the work like usage you have with a Windows Mobile phone. so they want you to have something also very cool to use.

Widgets Lab is not a Gizmo (not of that nature) blog but i like to point out to how Widgets and Widgetization is leaking out into everything and jumping from the web to the desktop and now into mobiles and other varied kind of hardware. and this is one quite direct and interesting example of that.


For the full details on the phone just go to GSM Arena:

Samsung i900 Omnia announced, live pics inside

They got all the info and photos you may want on it.

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