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New Samsung Mobile Widget SDK 1.1.0 release

January 30th, 2010

This comes from the innovator Samsung mobile website.…

The Samsung Mobile Widget SDK helps you develop widgets for Samsung mobile devices running the TouchWiz™ user interface. The toolkit includes the emulation environment, debug tools. Documentation and sample applications are available from Samsung Mobile Innovator site. This SDK allows developers to develop state of the art mobile widgets.

The Update from the previous SDK:

– ACCESS NetFront browser is now emulated

– Right-click (Context) menu

* Allows user to create add device, create package, update package

– Seamless integration with seller site

– New Widgets Menu

– Improvements to widget-building routines

– Relaxed Java dependencies

– Proxy support

– Loaded new devices

– Transparent backgrounds

– New fields in XML files

With its new and updated features, the latest version of the Samsung SDK enables
developer to improve development productivity. To explore many more features download the new Samsung Widget SDK.

Samsung TouchWIZ Widget Engine Now A Open Platform

August 22nd, 2009


I have been following on TouchWIZ and its evolution since it started and now after almost 18 months since that happened, Samsing is now opening TouchWIZ for third party developers via a SDK. The SDK could be seen similar to the palm pre WebOS that is limited to web tech like HTML, JS, CSS and the like but at the same times that makes it quite easy for everyone that wants to get into to just do so if they are already familiar with web development.

The hook is that TouchWIZ is not only a Widget UI-UX that is used in Samsung own in-house OS but also works in Symbian and in Windows Mobile. Given the uniformity of how its works in such different Mobile OSes is quite sure that if Samsung want to use it in Android and Maemo. TouchWIZ will work in these mobiles OSes Too. So that is quite a hook to lure in  widget developers. Being able to have widgets running in almost all of the top Mobile OSes with ease.

TouchWIZ widget engine should be considered as the best and more pervasive widget engine in mobiles right simple because its influence on LG and most of Korean manufacturers in this space copying from it. It has now been is many phones and the first big mover advantage (with this kind of design) they had made many to think about competitors offerings in TouchWIZ or even calling it that without knowing it is not actually TouchWIZ.

So having a SDK will be very interesting as it is very likely that LG and others will follow suit.

Go to the Samsung site for the full details.

Samsung Mobile Innovator

via MobileCrunch

Samsung Mondi: A Widget Loving Smartphone / Smartbook / MID

August 10th, 2009


Samsung is no stranger to widgets. But the Samsung Mondi goes beyond all the other devices when it comes to them. One thing you will note from the Title is that i could not make up my mind in what to call it because:

Smartphones are CellPhones with High End Features and a High End Mobile OS

Smartbook is a proposition term to call a “Portable Personal Computer in a Smartphone factor with a Smartphone OS but that is not actually a Phone”.

MID (Mobile Internet Devices) are usually the size of a Smartphone but come with Skinned versions of Embedded XP or tuned versions of XP home and sometimes come with phone functions.

So Samsung says that the Mondi is a MID but it don’t comes with phone functions and it uses a Smartphone OS and Factor.  So for me it more of a Smartbook. But whatever. What do you need to know is that it loves widgets.

It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 (should be upgradeable later to 6.5 that got its own widget engine). comes with TouchWIZ that is the mobile desktop widget engine from Samsung (That may also get updates), Should come with Opera Mobile 9.5 that also got its Widget Engine. And finally it supports Flash so most widgets you have online will work too.  Lots of widgets for all!.


It is a device to look for  now that is out and here are its specs:


  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mobile Office
  • WiMAX Mobile Internet Access
  • WiFi Access (BTv2.1+EDR)
  • GPS: Route 66 Navigation with Preloaded Maps
  • 4GB of Internal Memory
  • Direct Push/Mobile Email (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
  • Supports Instant Messaging and MMS
  • 3.0 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder
  • Bluetooth ® 2.0
  • Opera 9.5 Web Browser
  • HDMI TV Out
  • Supports Multiple Video and Audio Player Formats

    One Last thing to note is that it comes with VOIP apps from the let go so it does indeed lets you make calls if you were wondering why buying such a beast of a device if it cannot make calls.  It can make them but it is not a phone.

    via SamsungNews

  • TouchWIZ UI Improving, Getting Into Most Samsung Phones.

    February 24th, 2009


    As WMC effects from the announcements have been digested and start rolling in phones. TouchWIZ, the Widget interface from Samsung that turned into a hit thanks to the Omnia devices is now going to be part of pretty much close to all samsung phones. it also had repercussions off Samsung as LG did their Flash UI that is now in their runaway hit LG Cookie that is pretty much sold everywhere.

    But the touchWIZ UI is what caused that shift of Widget Based Today Screens in Mobile Phones and it resulted so successful that caused hackers to create their own version of it for non samsung phones. but it is clear from what it is known of the next touchflo that this trend is not going to slow down.

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