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December 15th, 2008 is a URL shortener with stats and a social edge for those that like to share links around social messaging services or via IM but want to keep track of how many actual hits the link shared got and also to keep a score of the links shared. i would consider it the best URL shortener around.


And as you know. you can now use gadgets in gmail too. This is simply a gmail gadget so you can also easily track your shared links via gmail too.  and that is a certainly useful gadget if you pass a lot of your day in your e-mail account.

Here is how to install it:   

Go to Settings > Labs
Scroll down to the very bottom and click the radio button to enable “Add any gadget by URL”
Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page
You should now have a gadgets tab at the top of the settings page. Click it.
In the “Add a gadget by its URL:” box paste this link:
Click “add” and you’re done.

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JS-KIT Deal With Cocoment

November 24th, 2008

image       image

I like when things come a full circle. JS-KIT now has a synergy and strategic partnership deal with cocoment. the Comment Tracking service that won the first Commentosphere War against Co.ments, Commentful and other not even worth of a mention. Great deal for both but i am sure that JS-KIT was the one that had to sweeten the deal for cocoment to play ball. this deal should put JS-KIT in reach of providing services to 1 million blog as soon as before the year end. this cocoment deal is the culmination of many big deals JS-KIT had in 2008 and that now they need in order to beat no longer Disqus but Intense Debate and to a degree with Polldaddy now that both got acquired by WordPress parent company Automattic.

Key deal points:

coComment will distribute JS-Kit Comments, Ratings, & Polls
JS-Kit will transition all existing coComment publishers to it’s platform
All JS-Kit conversations will be automatically tracked by coComment (opt out available)
coComment is announcing PRO, a new service for major publishers to understand and keep track of their brands. Comment data to be supplied by JS-Kit with easy opt-in/out for publishers.
coComment distribution deal continues a series of wins for JS-Kit:

Acquisition of HaloScan, adding 500,000 sites
Distribution deal with AOL/Userplane, adding 300,000 sites
Powering eVite, JS-Kit Comments on 200 million invitations annually
Distribution deal with WorldNow, adds 19 million monthly visitors on 350 news sites

JS-KIT should still try to make the dominance a done deal if they went out and acquired SezWho. since it could still be a good way to assure that Intense Debate never get to outpace them and to take it away as a option for Disqus to level up.

On Cocoment. i hope that the money from this deal means they will be getting some new widgets. its been quite a while since they released anything.



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ContestMachine: run Easy Promotions, Contests or Giveaways in a Widget

September 10th, 2008

contest machine!

Automatization or simplification via widgets is something that has been targeted by widgets heavily and one of the reasons widgets are a good thing.  this has spun off automatic contact forms, list, etc. most without any real leveraging of intelligence just enabling convenience. Contestmachine wants to bring not only convenience but something intelligent too.

Contestmachine allows you to create multi tabbed widgets where you can run contests, giveaways or promotions via a widget. freeing you from the logistics, the security issues and the hassle that come with making up any of those things. they give you the form where you can ask your readers to fill info in order to get into your promotion. they lets you manage that info from the widget or manage it for you depending on what you want to do or what the scale of the contest is. it is not the same to manage a contest where 100 people entered their details in order to win but that required personal reviewing than having a context based on serving a number of spots. they are offering up 2 contests free a month and  $9 dlls a month or $90 dlls a year for their advanced offerings. this is widget marketing at is best.


But it is not just the widget, you get a customizable land page for your promotion and also customized winner e-mails with the service. any that has ever run a contest knows that while they look easy to do and they are. they can be time consuming. the goal of contestmachine is to eliminate the hassle, improve your contest efficiency all while having a good business model that you can live happy with it while using their widget. sounds good to me. my only critique of the widget would be that the widgets are too plain looking. the widgets should be more attractive looking (better design),  should be fully customizable and they should offer a High Spread Sharing module so it could be easy to use not only in blogs and site but also in social networks.


monitter real time twitter search widget

August 6th, 2008


Monitter is a automatic twitter search keyword monitor in real time service site done in Jquery where you can set up 3 keywords to monitor and choose 3 languages to do so. the design is based on a AIR app called TweetDeck and it nice to get a notion of what people are talking about a specific thing in twitter at the moment and how much are they doing it.

Since they are using jQuery, they also offer the service as it is into a JQuery Widget you can install in a blog. right now because of the size it is better if used as a footer. having such a widget would be useful for newsbits driven blogs, info blogs (just the straight news as a note, no opinion within the posts) and topical blogs.


I wish they would release a 1 keyword at a time version done in Silverlight or Flash so it would be more embed friendly and could be put everywhere. look customization would also be a good thing to have. in the meantime this is what there is out.

hopefully it will call for more ideas using Twitter Search. and lets wish some of those ideas can get to be Widgets too.

Monitter Widget


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