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Simple Twitter badge from a reader

October 13th, 2009

Lab.Neo22s left a comment on a previous Twitter post sharing a Twitter badge that they had created.

We liked the badge! …so we are sharing it.


Like I said, its a simple badge. You input your Twitter username and then choose the background color and text color. Then you get to decide the text on the badge. Simple!


This badge is designed to sit in a vertical position on the right hand side of your page and it scrolls with the page. I assume a simple code edit will allow you to place it on the left hand side and possibly stop the scroll action. (not sure here)

I would request the the author of the widget/badge gave the option for right/left placement without the need to edit the code.

you can find the Twitter badge here.

TwitterGFX: Free Twitter Graphics

October 1st, 2009


One would think that people would get tired of me churning out posts about Twitter and Twitter Button Generators.

But that is not the case. I get request for more and more of them. So who i am to argue on that?


TwitterGFX is a Twitter Follow Button Generator that should fit the bill. The reason i decided to post on it, Is because the buttons are actually nice looking. so if you like them just fill your Twitter ID, Choose the icon code and paste it away wherever you want (Blog, Forum, E-mail)





Web2GFX <- working link

*Update*: Added new working link

TwitterButtons:A Gallery Of Twitter “Follow Me” Badges

January 3rd, 2009


I have posted about many many Twitter Active Badge Generators before. but not many Twitter “Follow Me” Badge Generators. so Twitter Buttons just fits the bill perfectly to fill out that void. it is actually wrong of me to call it a Generator since the only thing it “generates” is the html code for the Badges one you enter your Twitter Username into the page.


Once you have set your username you are ready to go. you have the copy and paste code for whatever badge you choose from at the moment 50 different ones. they have several styles just like the ones i put here as example:



So check them out and see if anyone of those catches your fancy.


SayTweet: Twitter Photo Badge

October 1st, 2008


There are many Twitter Active Badges. but how about a Twitter Photo Badge. one with your Tweets as a Onomatopoeia (Speech Balloon) . that is exactly what SayTweet is. You Link or Upload a Picon (Photo Icon or Personal Icon) that can be a Photo of you or just a image that represents you.

SayTweet then will ask you to map the Onomatopoeia to your Picon as you see fit. once satisfied with the position of it. you can simply generate the Dynamic Image (Active Badge) and use the html code or the Dynamic Image link. this will simply refresh as you Tweet. that way your photo will always sport the latest tweet. this is a nice way of making your profile photo more fun. that is of course if the service allows you to link to a image instead of just uploading one. the HTML code also means you can put it everywhere you want.

I Like the idea and the simple it is. but it really really needs to allow some customization. like choosing the color, the font to be used and the size of the font. a Widget version would be great too. be it in JavaScript or Flash so it could show more than one Tweet at a time for those looking for a alternative to Korelab Twitter Balloon. so i wish the can add more to it.


via TheNextWeb

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