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Unity is Gateway to Gnome 3

May 27th, 2011

For those of you that are daily Ubuntu users, hatred for the new Unity interface is nearly universal. Ultimately its not so much about the appearance change as it is about the functionality…or lack thereof.

Cannonical has decided to use Unity as a way to transition Ubuntu users into gnome 3. This can be the only explanation as to why you would completely destroy the usability of your flagship OS.

As you can see, there are many visual similarities between the Unity interface and Gnome 3. As a user, I would be more inclined to use Gnome 3 over Unity simply because Unity is composed of a handful of tweaks to the Gnome 2.x interface. It is not a ‘true’ UI like Gnome, KDE, XFCE or LXDE. i suggest leaving the UI design to the experts.

The transition from Windows to Ubuntu was pretty smooth due to the easy usability of Gnome. Menu structures were somewhat familiar. You could easily add shortcuts to the desktop. The Gnome Panel was a welcome feature where you could take Windows Quick Launch bar to the next level. This has now changed.

Gone is the customizable panel. This was one of my most favorite features of Gnome and Ubuntu. There were shortcuts to my favorite applications, a quick link to the task manager, TomBoy notes and many others.

Gone is the bottom panel where you could easily identify what you currently had open and switch applications with a click.

Gone is the ability to easily open two instances of a program?


Kubuntu uses the KDE UI. This user interface is far more friendly then the new Unity or even the New New Gnome 3. KDE has been around for what feels like centuries in the realm of computing. You can rely on KDE to be similar to what you were used to in Gnome (unmodified).

Are you aware that you can try out any one of the UI that I mentioned above without having to reinstall. Navigate to the synaptic package manager and enter their name into the search. Once you have installed the new UI…log out…then look on the bottom of the login screen for ‘Session’…in there choose your new UI…then login. (I recommend this for trying out new Ui…but I recommend a full re-install to take advantage fully of the integration of Ubuntu and the new UI.

I Chose Kubuntu

Ubuntu 11.04 countdown widgets

December 27th, 2010

Ubuntu instead of Windows

Ubuntu is an alternative OS that can work alongside your current OS (Windows 7, Mac OS, etc.) or even replace that outdated OS (Windows XP) and it is FREE!

Another nice thing about Ubuntu, there is a FREE upgrade released every 6 months. This upgrade usually includes increased functionality and stability. This upgrade will download and install (if you choose) without much intervention from the user and virtually no need for advanced tech skills.

There is a large and growing following of Ubuntu supporters and that is why you find these cool countdown widgets available to embed in your websites or use as part of your forum signatures.

1. Large Counter

2. Medium Counter

3. Mini Counter

4. Text only Counter

Click here to grab the HTML code or BB code for the countdown that you want.

Fedora 12 Constantine countdown

November 4th, 2009

This is a simple countdown widget to the release of the new Fedora 12.

Get the Fedora 12 countdown widget.

Distro release counters seem to be popping more frequently. The first one that I posted about was the Ubuntu 8.10. It appears as though the Ubuntu counter resets for each release. So if you embed the Ubuntu countdown widget in your site, it will display a new counter for the next impending release. Sweet!

Does anyone know which distro was the first to release a “distro release date counter” widget?

Do you by chance have an image of that counter?

9.04 Ubuntu countdown widgets

April 7th, 2009

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