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TokBox releases Open-Tok API

November 15th, 2010

Embed multiple video streams

TokBox has released the Open-Tok API. Open-Tok allows you to embed multiple live video streams directly into your website.

With the OpenTok platform, developers can build multi-way video chat into their Web experience in any way they choose, using an extensive set of JavaScript APIs. The platform is entirely flexible and customizable – from the size, layout, motion and interaction of individual video streams, to who can see, hear and talk to whom. Any one conversation can have up to 20 participants and can take place on different Web pages simultaneously, whether that is within one site or across multiple Web sites. That same conversation can also be watched by thousands of people. In addition, OpenTok incorporates two Tokbox proprietary technologies for enhancing the chat experience – echo suppression (to reduce echo within the multi-way chats) and auto-production (to switch video streams to highlight the person who is talking).

Check out Open-Tok now!

Moby app for Android

May 27th, 2010

excerpt from Androidfanatic

Moby for Android mobile phone operating system allows Mobile Social Network users to shoot a photo or a video from their Android based smartphone and upload it on popular social network services across the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, WordPress, YouTube, Blogger and Bebo. The application comes decked with all the social networking photo and video uploading features including the all-important tagging options and a whole set of sophisticated tools.

Currently supported services:

According to some comments in the Android Market, you may need to setup your accounts in moby via your computer. There seems to be no allowance to do this through the app.

You can either search the Android Market for the Moby Android App or use the barcode scanner in your phone to scan the app code below.

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