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LifeCams Are A Good Gift For Xmas

December 4th, 2008


Remember the Lifecam Gadget i talked about months ago that would work with the new line of LifeCams was nice right?. well now you can get that nice Gadget and use it in XP (update on that later), Vista and Windows 7 for that matter. so getting new lifecam either for yourself or as a gift for xmas and have the assurance that it will work with any of these 3 Windows OS.

It is also a good way to interact with the new Windows Live Video Messages service.

So. get one and if you decide to gift one you know will likely. i do accept gifts! 😀

Lifecam Show webcam

Lifecam VX-5500

Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets

November 24th, 2008

Media Center Gadgets (32-bit version)               tmp26B4

You got a Windows Mobile Device?. good. now if you get the SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview you can get SideShow Gadgets. and if you are using Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate you may want to take advantage of having Windows Media Center with the Media Center Sideshow Gadgets Package. You get Four Media Center SideShow Gadgets (TV, Music, Pictures and Video and Now Playing)  and they do as stated in this Quote:

“For instance, you can use the TV gadget to browse the program guide, schedule recordings, and browse and play back recorded TV shows. With the Music gadget you can browse and play music. Use the Pictures and Video gadget to browse pictures on your device and play slideshows and video. The Now Playing gadget provides information on what is playing in Media Center and provides playback controls like those on your Media Center remote.”


Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (32 Bits)

Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (64 Bits)

via WMpoweruser

Windows Live Video Messages LifeCam Gadget

September 15th, 2008


Windows Live Video Messages is a Social Video Mail service for Windows Live ID users. you only need a Live ID to use it. right now it is a Windows Only service for XP and Vista.  The service allows you to send, receive, forward and download personal messages from you and your friends. it is a perfect way for Family and Friends to stay communicated beyond just words, without having to be online at the same time and also a great way to save, share and manage those Personal Videos as you see fit.


The Service is built with a mix of and Silverlight 2.0.  you can use any webcam to use the service from the website in order to send and see your video messages.

LifeCam Vista Sidebar Gadget

If are on Vista, you can extend your experience to the desktop if you have a Microsoft LifeCam. that way. using the LifeCam Gadget you can use the Windows Live Video Messages service right from your desktop without going to the site. the Gadget is also a Silverlight 2.0 enhanced Vista Sidebar Gadget so it can provide you a desktop experience with the familiarity of the web version.


While it is yet unknown. this is a service that could be extended to Windows Live Messenger 9.0 in a more limited fashion to bypass the need of the LifeCam and be able to use the service from the desktop not only in Vista but in XP.  right now it will remind a plus and you will need this Vista Gadget and a LifeCam to use it from your desktop. i do believe it should be added to Live Messenger but having it in a Vista Gadget as a Plus is a interesting strategy.

Windows Live Video Messages

LifeCam Vista Sidebar Gadget

New LifeCam VX5500 and LifeShow comes with Vista Sidebar Gadget

August 18th, 2008


While the new LifeCam webcams are already good as they are. checking out how they are now controlled directly by a Gadget when you are in Windows Vista makes them even more interesting.

you can take out Live Video Calls with it and record videos with it.


It also looks like it uses your Live ID since you can  have your contacts directly in the Gadget. and when not in use it is very resembling to a Xbox Live Gamecard. that means that even if you are not using it with Live Messenger or any other software is right away useful and easy to use on its own.

Already looking forward to them. and a interesting way to note how UX experience is changing and enhanced by Widgetization.

New LifeCam models on the way – VX5500 and LifeCam Show via LiveSide

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