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Zingaya lets you connect your site to your phone

July 1st, 2010

Zingaya is a new service that allows you to place a ‘Call’ button on your website. With this ‘Call’ button, visitors can call you and get more personalized service.
Zingaya offers a free version that allows you to have one phone number connected to your ‘Call’ button.

Zingaya also is able to integrate with your Skype account.

Zingaya is a web service that provides a new voice communication channel. A widget that can be easily embedded into any web page allows the site visitors to call you with one click. Calls are forwarded to pre-set fixed/mobile numbers, Skype or SIP. The visitors don’t need to have a phone for conversation, the only thing required is a microphone.

Check out Zingaya today.

Zingaya launched on Tuesday June 29th

After intensive development we are ready to launch Zingaya. We believe that Zingaya will bring new communication experience in web. We call our approach “webified communications”. Put the button on your web page to allow visitors call you in one click without any downloads or installations. Callback services are in the past, because they haven’t ever offered good experience and required companies to pay 2xprice for the calls. You can check it right now by yourself – sign up for free. You can see Zingaya’s call button below, it calls to Zingaya echo test service, but you can set your button to call any landline/mobile phone or even to VoIP systems using SIP protocol: add a toolbar to create a chatroom on site

June 22nd, 2010 allows you to copy 3 lines of code and add them to your sites HTML to create a web toolbar that will let your visitors have access to a site specific chatroom.

The toolbar sits at the bottom of your website and looks similar to this. (25 themes available)

When you click on the ‘Join Chat’ button, this small chat room pops up and you start chatting with other people on the site. Pretty simple and straight forward.

There is a FREE account as well as Premium accounts for larger traffic sites with more custom options available.

Check it out.

Oggchat offers FREE website chat integrated with gmail

January 5th, 2010

Oggchat is a “live” website chat solution that integrates with Google Talk and Gmail.

Simply put. You sign up for an account (Free and Fee based) and set some parameters. Then you paste the Oggchat code into your website and start offering realtime solutions to your customers.

I suspect one drawback would be that Oggchat integration is only available through Google Talk/gmail. So any website organization that isn’t currently using Google will need to create a Google account in order to utilize the Oggchat service. (I am not 100% sure on this as I have not signed up for the service and there is no indication of integration with other IM clients.)

Oggchat says:

OggChat is unique among live chat solutions. It incorporates a customizable client chat window for your website but routes all chat requests to your operators’ GMail accounts. No additional client software is required and you can chat right from GMail or from your Google Talk client.

I can say this though…Gmail does offer awesome features for small business/blog writers. Creating a Google account in order to utilize Oggchat couldn’t hurt.

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