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A Look Into Opera And Widgets Development

June 14th, 2009


Opera Software could be catalogued as Standards Crazy (not always in a good way)  by many and with good reason. the other thing well known for those actually aware with what Opera Software does is that they love widgets.

David Meyer from CNET got a nice interview with Jon von Tetzchner (Opera Software CEO) about Widget Development and where does they stand when it comes to the Widget Specs W3C to be released any year now (i know, cheap shot).

Opera: Single-minded about widget development

Worth a read and proof that Jon von Tetzchner while stubborn is not as extremist (when it comes to standards) as many think.

11 Steps For Widget Success

December 4th, 2008

iMedia Connection 4 widget best practices

iMedia Connection is not a stranger to Widget related Articles. and while this new piece called “11 Steps for Widget Success” should be more useful for those interested Widget Advertising and Widget Marketing.. the points are good for everyone interested in Widgets.

I also recommend to read the article by Bob Garfield on Advertising Age. but if you have already read that one. this would could be considered a guide post that one.

And finally as a matter of Blog Replies go. Newsgator got their on take on imedia Connection article that is also worth a read.

myAOL Gadget Developer Platform

November 4th, 2008


After both Goowy Webtop and Yourminis Startpage walked into the sunset. it is clear that myAOL will be the place to go for those that enjoyed both serivices. as i said before. goowy is what is powering part of AOL whole Widget strategy and it should be a positive thing they have one to begin with. since all is focus is no finally in myAOL. it is timely to point out that myAOL got a Gadget Developer Platform. so if you are interested in widgets or are part of iGoogle Gadget platform. you will be happy to know this is a good place to look to as either a first time platform or as a second platform to adopt.


AOL is still one of the biggest destinations online and its restructuring should make for a leaner and meaner AOL if we allow ourselves to look at it with optimism. and what better time than now for some of that.

So. if you are interested in a widget platform to try out or you got a iGoogle Gadget and were wondering where else you could port it. then you should give myAOL Gadget Developer Platform a look.

Marshall Kirkpatrick got a more extensive and even more optimistic look at it in this post.

myAOL Gadget Developer Platform

myAOL Gadget Developer Platform  F.A.Q

Opera Widgets X Widgets Challenge

October 23rd, 2008


With the release of the second Beta of Opera Mobile 9.5. Opera also announced a Widget Contest for developers called X Widgets Challenge. this forms part of their strategy to defend their Browser in the mobile market from Firefox and Skyfire and as a plus to promote the Desktop version of the Browser.

There are $10,000 in prizes and in this times of Economic Doom & Gloom. this is the kind of opportunity that should appeal to anyone interested in widget development. they call them X widgets because they are cross device widgets. widgets that need to work in the desktop Opera browser and in the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser. so it also helps Opera against the coming wave of competition they will face with Silverlight and Flash on Mobiles. so why not give them a break and get some money and experience in the process too?. if you don`t trust them because they are Norwegian and they are weird. don`t fret. they are trusty as Canadians. they are cool. i vouch for them. 😀

X-Widgets Challenge

Are you up to the challenge?

Opera is challenging developers to create cross-device widgets or “X-Widgets” that can be used on both mobile phones and PC/Mac computers.

An example of an X-Widget might be a shopping list you keep both on your computer and mobile phone. That way you can update it whenever and never lose track of what you need to pick up at the store. Another could be a simple game that you can play on your computer, then pause it, and continue on your mobile phone – perfect when you are going for a high score. One more could be an online auction widget, where you could follow an auction both at home and on the go, and bid right up to the last minute!

Cash prizes galore!

Opera is stepping up and awarding generous cash prizes for the best overall X-Widgets submitted.

  • 1st prize: $5000
  • 2nd prize $2000
  • 3rd prize $1000

In addition you can win t-shirts and $50 Amazon gift cards if you’re one of the first 20 qualified entrants. The best weekly widget will be rewarded with a $300 Amazon gift card.

If your X-Widget is among our top picks, we will promote it on and you might also find it bundled in our next widget product release!

Yes! How do I get started?

Check out our Opera Widget SDK which has an emulator and access to the Opera Widget manager on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones to help you test and play with your creation.


Have a read through these rules before you roll up your sleeves:

  1. X-Widget submissions must be able to run on both the widget emulator included in the SDK and on your desktop.
  2. On the emulator, the submission must support QVGA (portrait and landscape) and desktop.
  3. You can upload newer versions of your widget, but remember, only the latest approved version will be judged (be careful when adding or removing features).
  4. You are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 widgets, and are encouraged to focus on quality over quantity.
  5. Coding standards are to use a separate markup for styling and scripting.

Submitting your X-Widget

To submit and participate in the challenge you have to:

  1. Become a registered member of the My Opera community (sign up).
  2. Upload your widget to
  3. Send us a link to your submission using our contest form.


All X-Widget entries will be judged by a panel of developers and marketers at Opera. X-Widgets will be judged on:

  • Usefulness across mobile and desktop
  • Addictiveness
  • Coding quality
  • Design quality
  • Overall quality

Dates to remember

Weekly prize deadlines:

  • November 2nd, 2008
  • November 9th, 2008
  • November 16th, 2008

Final deadline: November 23rd, 2008.

Winners will be announced December 15, 2008 in this blog.

Tips and tricks!

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to send in your X-Widget.
  • You can ask for tips and hints from our developers in forums.

Enter the X-Widgets Challenge!

via My.Opera

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