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SproutMixer: Widget Advertising & Marketing For All

December 3rd, 2008


SproutMixer is the brother site to SproutBuilder. The latter lets you create very simple and easy media widgets or very very basic utility widgets. This is not the goal of SproutMixer. its goal is to bring money to sprout and to others because it about reusing the technology developed to create Sproutbuilder to allow easy creation of  Ad Widgets for Direct Advertising or for Brand Marketing with good analytics and high spread sharing qualities.

The problem before with bringing solid Analytics to Flash Widgets was that it failed to be deeply integrated with the flash object. it also needed to be developed by each Widget Company on their own and its was a very strong theme in widgets in 2008. the Widget Companies that invested more on Widget Analytics and understanding what that meant was Clearspring followed by Gigya and Musestorm. This left out other Widget Companies in disadvantage since they could not invest as heavily on that.

Google now has cutout the work for all Widget Companies by Working with Adobe to bring Google Analytics to Flash Objects. this breakthrough finally will make sure that Ad Widgets and Widget Advertising can grow a lot faster on 2009. of course that Google to be interested in this is because they are both the biggest blessing and curse to all Widget Companies. because while they bring good technology that can now be used by all. they also bring Hard Competition since they compete in the Widget Space in practically all areas. from Desktop widgets to web widgets and from media Widgets to Ad Widgets.  

This means that the hard work on Analytics by the Widget Companies i mentioned will not go to waste and will be useful to keep competing all around.


SproutMixer could not be easier to use. it is the very same ease of use of its older brother at SproutBuilder. so the only thing that changes is the Focus of what is being done and the why.

Since Google Analytics can now work for Flash. Sproutmixer was the perfect way to Demo the benefits from that because they are not only Advertising and Marketing Widgets. they are also remixable. that means you can change the way these widget look and obtain another level of user engagement thanks to that. in a way that should make Marketers savory it since it is all trackable.

And not only they are remixable. but they also count with a  High Spread Sharing provided by Gigya Wildfire.

Really Cool Stuff that will surely assure that Widgets don`t lose steam on 2009.


MeeMix Internet Radio Artist Widgets

June 26th, 2008


MeeMix is a Internet Radio Social Network that tries to go for pandora but ends being more of a Deezer like music social network. The last update pushes them away from trying to be pandora and instead go for imeem and ijigg. How so?. now you not only are able to create stations and produce your radio station for your liking but now  the focus to share and recommend music has notably increased (imeem) and now if you are an artist you can create your custom radio station and MeeMix profile page. the advantage is that since the music was uploaded by you and is owned by you the radio station you can create has more feature than common created or visited MeeMix radio stations because they don`t require of any restrictions.


But the interesting part of being a artist in MeeMix compared to other places is that they are allowing to extend your personal brand to your blog and social networks via widgets. the widgets provide fan stats for your MeeMix Radio Station.

image      image

And also a approval rating widget to check out if people think your are cool. it should be more specific to the music. but what it is these days?.


you can also put a widget that shows your favorite MeeMix radio stations are in order to provide a point of identification for your visitors. it is more probable i would pay attention to your music if i see your like the same music and artist i like.

That is very interesting and a good example of Widget Marketing. i only wish MeeMix site would be better designed and the radio station widget player was not as candy fugly as it is and it would had a more “cooler” look.because if i had to rate their coolness in one of their own approval rating widgets, it would mark below 50% right now.. but the Widget marketing ideas are great. so it is worth a try and have a page there and in iJigg at the same time.


via MeeMix blog

Meebo new adverts done with Promo Media Widgets.

June 9th, 2008


They started with wallpapers and custom branded Meebo Rooms but now they are finally doing more traditional promotional adverts that are served with a Promo Media Widget that sits inside a Expandable Tab and the base of the Meebo page. you could say the tab resides in their “status bar” to give it a more common analogy.

The first to get into the chance of use that advertising will be big brands like universal and bands like weezer.


Meebo will not only be showing those ads but will be monitoring and serving all the metrics of the campaigns.

Meebo Marketing Platform: Easy for Advertisers via Mashable

MuseStorm bring their Widget Agency approach to the iPhone and look to the future.

May 23rd, 2008

musestorm logo

When i say “Widget Agency” as a way to refer to musestorm is because they are exactly that in terms to widgets because they build or let you build and the take care of everything from there. right now. in the already changed landscape of widgets. yo could say musestorm is a part sprout, gigya and clearspring rolled into one.

And they want you author your own iphone “app” (as Apple calls them). that we know are no more than focused mobile websites. because there are already good ways to make a iphone formatted site and the best comes from Mofuse. but mofuse is more of a enabler in principle and a dedicated enabler second. MuseStorm want you to let you author your own iphone sites, but have them with a Widget twist so they can be Widgetized Mobile Sites.

And they are doing that for free, something remarkable but logical because they obviously want to look for mindshare right now. something they have been struggling because of the arrival of new competitors like gigya and now sprout that have generated quite a lot of hype for themselves.

Even then, free is free and that should suffice to most to at least take a look at what they are offering.

Now i let run the official MuseStorm Press Release that they kindly have facilitated me and continue the commentary and demos after it:


Musestorm opens the iphone marketing world with first-ever iphone Widget creation, Distribution and Analytics Tools

Marketers and advertisers can quickly and easily build Web applications

for unique, engaging campaigns that reach iPhone users

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—June XX, 2008—MuseStorm (, the professional platform for widgets and social applications, announced today that it has extended the MuseStorm Engagement Platform to offer support for the iPhone. Companies that have been waiting for a fast, cost-effective and measurable way to create Web applications for delivery through a Web browser to iPhones can now do so thanks to the extended capabilities of the MuseStorm Engagement Platform.

The MuseStorm Engagement platform – the first widget platform to support the development of true Facebook applications – is the easiest and fastest way to create widgets and social applications that can be distributed across a variety of platforms, including Web, desktop, Facebook, Bebo, and now iPhone. MuseStorm’s Widget Studio is the only widget-building platform that enables marketers, agencies and entertainment companies to build widgets for deployment on a regular page and then morph them into the proper format for Facebook, Bebo, and now iPhone. MuseStorm saves companies time and developer resources as well; even non-technical people can learn to build widgets using the MuseStorm Engagement Platform in as little as 30 minutes, and with about the same technical capabilities required to create a PowerPoint presentation.

Marketers and agencies that build and run campaigns on the MuseStorm platform will be able to see and analyze user engagement far beyond number of click-throughs or impressions, thanks to MuseStorm’s first-of-its-kind analytic capabilities. MuseStorm’s easy-to-understand dashboard format lets its customers keep 24 x 7 watch over their widgets’ performance, with metrics that give them unique insight in to their audience. From details such as which specific components of the widget were viewed (and how many times), to how many people posted the widget on their MySpace page to seeing which users stopped a video and then completed viewing it, MuseStorm clients reap the benefits of these detailed metrics capabilities built into the Engagement Platform.

IPhone applications built on the MuseStorm Engagement Platform are Web applications, not files they must download through Apple or elsewhere. When iPhone users receive a widget built on the MuseStorm platform, they simply download an icon onto their phone, touch it, and are taken to a Web site that is specially formatted to meet the iPhone look and feel. In related news, MuseStorm announced it plans to support native iPhone applications by Q308.

“Over the past three years, MuseStorm has paid close attention to what our customers want, and they want to reach audiences where ever they are on the Web – and Nielsen and others are telling us they’re six to 12 times more likely to be on the Web and viewing video with their iPhones,” said Ori Soen, co-founder and chief executive officer of MuseStorm. “With the installed base of iPhone users expected to reach 13 million by year’s end, we’re giving them the least time- and resource-consuming and most direct route to reach this key audience who use their phones to connect to the Internet more than any other mobile device. “

iPhone MuseStorm Demo

So no one is left wondering how  MuseStorm works in the iphone, they got a demo to show and it plays slidshow of the widgetized site inside a iPhone Widget (fitting)..

As it can be seen in the demo it looks really good. as good as pretty much 90% of all professionally made websites for iPhone but without having to work or pay much for it and with way better analytics.

and that is the whole point. to show not only the easy access to having a widgetized mobile website but having all the analytics to manage it too.

Updated Engagement Platform Video Tour

This is a video that  got delayed a month ago when musestorm updated their engagement platform. now it is obvious that it got delayed because they didn`t had iPhone Widget Studio support ready or were not ready to announce it.. i will go with a bit of both reasons.

In this video, you can see how easy it really is to create a widget using Widget Studio and also how easy is to port it depending where you are using it.

Widget Studio benefits are stated as:

*Combine multiple media (video, audio, photos, RSS feeds, and static text) as you like it— into your widget to optimize audience engagement
*Modify your widget’s content on the fly at any time—to keep your content fresh, hone your message, or respond to audience interaction
*Drag-and-drop sophisticated interactive features—chats, comments, polls, and user-generated content, without any custom programming
*Easily morph your widget into a true Facebook application or Bebo application
Complete control over widget content, functionality, and distribution
*Optimize your user’s experience with pixel-level control; specify dimensions, skin, menus, colors, and fonts

Another good points on MuseStorm were left behind as a comment by Ori Soen (CEO of Musestorm)  last month when they first updated the engagement platform:

1. The MuseStorm production studio allows users to create full-featured Flash widgets and social apps (including Facebook and Bebo). Unlike Gigya, ClearSpring and WidgetBox who provide a WRAPPER that allows developers to get their app on Facebook or Bebo (but it’s still a Flash widget), apps created on our platform are true FBML (Facebook) or SNML (Bebo). That means these apps can access the friend list, newsfeed and more! The MuseStorm Engagement Platform is really the first platform to allow rapid creation of social apps without programming.
2. We’ve launched Bebo support now, and have had support for Facebook since end of 2007. There is no “grand master plan” behind it :)
3. The most powerful module of our platform is the multi-publishing capability – you can create a Web widget (Flash) and convert it with a click of a button into a Facebook app, then into Bebo, Yahoo desktop widgets and more. This allows you to create apps that naturally fit within your end-user’s environment. We all know it’s not a one-size-fit-all situation.
4. Tomorrow (Wed) you’ll be able to see a video tour of the platform and understand the power – check it out

Those are important points because it shows how committed they are to High Spread (they call it  Intelligent delivery) and the quality of it. and that is also where the future of musestorm updates points.

In the Widget studio you can already see the showed options in the  3 mediums they are covering:


Support for MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut (i would add Friendster, iGoogle and Windows Live to that Ori) for specific tailored porting.


Windows (xp-vista) and Google Desktop


No doubt the most ambitious support is this area because you can see flash lite, java an even nokia widsets widgets support.


Musestorm raised the game and it should be enough to play against the recent Clearspring Update that aims to fight not only to musestorm but everyone in the widgetsphere.

I would also like to see if musestorm will give support for Silverlight Mobile and support for Opera Open Widgets later on  this year. i am most curious about Silverlight Mobile because is just about to launch into mobiles this summer in Windows Mobile and Nokia High end phones.

Now the ball is the court of the rest of the Big players. now we only need to wait for Widgetbox , Gigya and SpringWidgets response to  all this new development in the widget market.

Whatever happens. i will sure remember may as the month that changed Boosted the prospects of the widget market yet again.


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