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Yahoo TV Widgets Hands On

June 22nd, 2009


I bet you had forgotten about them. i almost did since i remember having posted on it way back in august of 2008. even with all the time that has passed. it looks like they are not here just yet but they are a lot closer.  they should debut this fall. only one year and half later than they first got attention.

Quite a Fumble considering that Sony Already shipped something and that it is very likely that Samsung will ship its own version of it for the Korean market as well as LG. even if both and  also Sony end up using Yahoo TV Widgets elsewhere.


But now can look and read a detailed experience on where the Yahoo TV Widgets experience is right now. as David Katzmaier from CNET got a Video Hands On and a extensive review of them.

A great article and i would say a must read since TV Widgets is a experience for the future if Yahoo and Intel have their way now that the change for Digital is already done and Broadband is finally almost everywhere. so better to be prepared now.

Yahoo TV Widgets hands-on review 

10 GREAT Opera Widgets

June 15th, 2009


To say that the Widget Platform from Opera is inconsistent would be a understatement. but even with that known in advance, they actually got some good widgets  worth using if you use Opera as your second browser or a must have if you have Opera as your main browser.

Neither is my case, but CNET Don Reisinger took it to himself to find 10 actually great Opera Widgets you should be using if you are a Opera Browser user. after trying out hundreds of them. he think he got 10 worthy of that title.

My favorite after loading them up would be without a doubt the Opera Twitter Widget that is really impressive in terms of features and got a pleasant design.  Would truly use it on a daily basis if Opera was my main browser.


So check the list out and let him know if you agree or disagree with him.

10 widgets for Opera users to sing about

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