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Yahoo TV Widgets Hands On

June 22nd, 2009


I bet you had forgotten about them. i almost did since i remember having posted on it way back in august of 2008. even with all the time that has passed. it looks like they are not here just yet but they are a lot closer.  they should debut this fall. only one year and half later than they first got attention.

Quite a Fumble considering that Sony Already shipped something and that it is very likely that Samsung will ship its own version of it for the Korean market as well as LG. even if both and  also Sony end up using Yahoo TV Widgets elsewhere.


But now can look and read a detailed experience on where the Yahoo TV Widgets experience is right now. as David Katzmaier from CNET got a Video Hands On and a extensive review of them.

A great article and i would say a must read since TV Widgets is a experience for the future if Yahoo and Intel have their way now that the change for Digital is already done and Broadband is finally almost everywhere. so better to be prepared now.

Yahoo TV Widgets hands-on review 

Skittles: Website Widgetization To A New Level

March 16th, 2009


Skittles, the colored candy company decided to start March with a bang and introduce a clever spin that married social media marketing with Website Widgetization. the question was on the how. i have posted on Promo Widgets and Ad Widgets and how a brand can be made portable and viral via widgets. What Skittle did that is a true work of genius in terms of Online Marketing was to make their website a Widget and then make that widget float over web 2.0 darlings to place the brand into a social context given by the direct consumers of the brand product. be it YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos and Twitter for Social Messaging. this way they brand over people perceptions and opinions why promoting directly the skittle brand and boost the marketing into the 21st century as it gives it credibility and effectiveness.



I remember vaguely other company that did something similar by making their website in flash at a size that could fit into a 800 x 600 pixel grid that linked to myspace and that reproduced videos about the brand. this was back in 2006 i think. what skittle did goes into a whole new level thanks to the evolution of the web, widgets, new media and social media alike. so it is not that another brand didn’t tried this or that it was not possible. it is just that it was not yet the time for it as the tech was not only evolved enough but that the conventions had not reached the mainstream to me this idea a marketer dream.

I hope the idea gets explored more we get to see even better execution of this.


Chumby As A Stream Widget Engine?

March 4th, 2009


I guess it had to happen. Chumby  is jumping from its original vessel to go into Digital Frames. jumping from that to other devices is not only not hard to believe but a natural evolution. it is also the natural evolution for widgets that went from the web into mobile devices and now are jumping into all kind of devices.

Yahoo became quite the overlord of widgets for a long time until Apple riffed them off, until Google and Microsoft started to concentrate in their own gadget strategies and other independent players started to appear everywhere. they are now trying to get head first and make the Yahoo Widget Engine turning universal and head on into devices. Samsung it now their biggest treat into that games as their also widgetizing everything as other hardware companies like Sony has already done in a minor degree. but now it is clear that when this trend picks up Microsoft will leverage the Windows Ecosystem that way as they already have a full Digital TV strategy. the same goes for Google that is already following into that with Android as their OS for all occasion. So what about the independent players?.

Chumby is the answer to that and there is even a video where you can see how it will go. one thing is certain, future tv’s, top boxes and BD players will have widgets in them if you want them and these widgets will be the easiest and most utilitarian way to bring the web to all.

via Crunchgear

iGoogle MySpace Gadget using Data Availability to come in August

July 12th, 2008


As a way to show what Data Availability can do for widgets, it was shown in the recent oAuth Summit a MySpace iGoogle Gadget that uses the now adopted by MySpace oAuth format (partly created by Leah Culver of Pownce fame) with MySpace Data Availabilty API that can offer users a widgetized version of their top MySpace functions while also having access to their contact list.


That way you can check status updates from your friends and also update yours, the same for private messages.

This iGoogle Gadget will be released in August.

via Techcrunch

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