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WolframAlpha custom query widgets

November 11th, 2010

Create custom widgets based on your search has recently released the beta of their ‘WolframAlpha Widgets‘.

This is a pretty unique service that allows you to create a custom widget based solely upon your WolframAlpha search query. There are already over 2700 widgets created and available in the Widget Gallery. I would definitely suggest searching the gallery before you go through the process of creating your own widget. Someone may have done the work for you.

Steps necessary to create your widget.

Samsung TouchWIZ Widget Engine Now A Open Platform

August 22nd, 2009


I have been following on TouchWIZ and its evolution since it started and now after almost 18 months since that happened, Samsing is now opening TouchWIZ for third party developers via a SDK. The SDK could be seen similar to the palm pre WebOS that is limited to web tech like HTML, JS, CSS and the like but at the same times that makes it quite easy for everyone that wants to get into to just do so if they are already familiar with web development.

The hook is that TouchWIZ is not only a Widget UI-UX that is used in Samsung own in-house OS but also works in Symbian and in Windows Mobile. Given the uniformity of how its works in such different Mobile OSes is quite sure that if Samsung want to use it in Android and Maemo. TouchWIZ will work in these mobiles OSes Too. So that is quite a hook to lure in  widget developers. Being able to have widgets running in almost all of the top Mobile OSes with ease.

TouchWIZ widget engine should be considered as the best and more pervasive widget engine in mobiles right simple because its influence on LG and most of Korean manufacturers in this space copying from it. It has now been is many phones and the first big mover advantage (with this kind of design) they had made many to think about competitors offerings in TouchWIZ or even calling it that without knowing it is not actually TouchWIZ.

So having a SDK will be very interesting as it is very likely that LG and others will follow suit.

Go to the Samsung site for the full details.

Samsung Mobile Innovator

via MobileCrunch

Netvibes goes open, changes CEO

June 4th, 2008


Netvibes started as a mere Startpage at the shadow of PageFlakes.  made the best Startpage yet and then surpassed them. then it became a Low End Widget Platform and was one of the first to recognize High Spread sharing as the future of widget development and distribution.

While all this is already bold moves. in terms of start pages is not enough when you battle against giants so here are netvibes latest changes:

Tariq Krim Changes CEO role with Freddy Mini.

“As announced yesterday Tariq is stepping down as CEO of Netvibes. Tariq Krim will remain on the Board of Directors and serve as a key strategic advisor to the executive team on its creative product and strategic growth initiatives. Freddy Mini is now taking over the CEO role in Netvibes.”

Tariq Krim welcomes Freddy Mini as Chief Executive Officer

I think it is a healthy change if Tariq goals have been accomplished. and how could they not be with all the change Netvibes has brought.

A good future for netivibes?

Now it is time for Freddy to concentrate in services integration, making netvibes a social network before Google does it with iGoogle.  think in making better integrated widget aided services in Netvibes. i would love to see Netvibes getting a true Feedreader service there or provide social awareness and lifestream services to make it a compelling option. that is where i would like to see netvibes go.

Netvibes. while small. is not in a bad position to take on a still big cake for Startpages now that the space competition has been reduced to less than 10 choices and your only true competition are the big portals.

Last Tariq  parting deed: Netvibes Goes Open.

Not surprising and already announced a time ago. a natural progression for the start page that touted their Widget  Platform with some like the UWA (universal widget API) and because everyone is doing it.

For Those interested in Netvibes:

They got a good post on making your netvibes startpage better:

10 tips to customize your netvibes public page

and they now got a nice DevBlog for those interested in it as a platform.

Netvibes DevBlog

With PageFlakes turning into a Media Outlet and a Social Network enabler for Live Universe. Netvibes should and could follow on that and beyond if it lives to its potential.


via Netvibes Blog

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