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Fat Widgets

October 20th, 2008


Fat Widgets, the kind of widgets that are fat  is not because they occupy lots of screen real state but because they slow down the load of a profile page, a blog or a website.

Fat widgets: a lesson in not understanding the end user

This is a problem Duncan Riley brought up last week. this was of course before Flash 10 or Silverlight 2 release that improve rendering but he does makes a point. fat widgets are no good and while they may load faster thanks to Flash and Silverlight latest releases. the plugins will not be able to anticipate if the widget is well made or if the service hosting it is good. any of those two things can ruin a good widget and  that should be a very important thing to note for anyone doing a widget:

1.-It is well made?.

Does it loads well in slow or average machines?. this is important with the increase of netbooks in the market.

2.-The host is good?

What does it matters if your widget is light and well made if your host sucks?. this will make your widget to not load properly,  load slowly or break. this can also affect every single page using your widget. so choose wisely.

This subject reminds me of Derek observations and my own from over a year ago. a lot has changed since then but. we are not in the clear yet. i hope in one year from now. i will not have to bring  this matter up again and that we finally get pass this issue.

Widget Optimization Demystified

July 31st, 2008


If you ever wondered what situation can lead to a Widget being in risk of being penalized when they carry some hidden links or keywords and in what way that may be the best to approach. then this post by Brian Chappell should of some use.

He asked 16 SEO experts on this matter presenting this case to them:

“A site that sells chairs decides to build a widget. The widget shows the top 10 selling chairs on their site.

The chair selling website is called :

At the bottom of the widget the following text is displayed: “Grab your Chairs Widget”

The phrase “Chairs” links to chairsunlimited’s widget page on the site, which explains how to “grab” the widget, for use on your site.

Should chairsunlimited be penalized in Google for deploying the tactic described above?”

Then, the SEO experts weigh in. follow to know the outcome.

Widget Optimization Demystified – 16 Experts Weigh In

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