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Newsgator Related Content Widgets

December 15th, 2008


2008 was quite a year for newsgator in terms of Widgets. they went full force on them and have seriously improved from being a simple feed widget creation tool a year ago. to real contender in widget distribution, feed widget development and widget experimentation.  

Newsgator new bet is Related Content Widgets as a way to bet on themselves and what have they archived lately and to mine on their feed and data index.

Newsgator Related Content Widgets

In addition to allowing you to syndicate your content, NewsGator Technologies also offers a number of comprehensive of options and platforms to enhance the value of this content. Enhancement options – using data pulled from over 3 million unique, indexed feeds – include data services, a related content engine, and tailored white list services.

For instance, use our technology to give your audience a broader perspective around articles. NewsGator’s "Related Content" services deliver relevant headlines on your article pages giving your audience a reason to explore. You choose the sources; we’ll search for contextually relevant content. So whether you’re serving up additional headlines of your own content or from selected partners, NewsGator’s Related Content service will encourage your audience to keep clicking!

These add-on tools allow you to further personalize your content selection and network in a targeted and effective manner. This greatly enhances your ability to serve up additional headlines of your own content or from selected partners, adding significant value.

A related stories widget that offers readers headlines for stories they may be interested in.  It works quite simply: when they click on a headline, a fly-out window appears with the opening paragraphs of each story; another click reveals the full article, and ads can be embedded at every turn.

A related topics page which automatically presents contextually related topics to readers as key words.  Readers click on the key word of interest and are redirected to a page of stories relevant to the key word.

“Everyday we add 8.5 million new articles to our database, indexing and aggregating 3.6 million different feeds and archiving 4 years of content!  This huge database of content — in fact, the industry’s largest such repository of free content — a result of our pioneering RSS reading/delivery services, is offered to publishers who wish to supplement their own content with related stories from 3rd parties. We even track more than 44 million "relevance events" in this activity, ensuring related content is truly relevant!  It’s quite simple: the more content to draw from, and the better indexed that is, the better the related content supplied by our widget offerings.

What’s more, publishers have control over their widgets’ look and feel, search action, and content sources through our existing Editor’s Desk platform; this makes it quick and effortless to build, manage, and track these new related content widgets. And we also offer flexibility in pricing for our related content services: hosted (transaction based) and free (ad supported with revenue-sharing).”


So. this new widget initiative by Newsgator is sure intriguing and responds directly to what has been happening lately with the craze of Social Content Sharing and Feed Widget Networks. what i find more interesting is that it work for both the small publisher side and the premium big publisher side in a multi threaded strategy. that is refreshing in times of economic recession. because how many times we have seen great plans and offerings without solid business plans that manage to offer value beyond traffic and exposure that fades away?. so of course the part of having a Additional Advertising Revenue stream will be the one that resonates the most. and in the end will be the one where the success for both newsgator and whoever gets to use it relies.

To that i suggest Newsgator that a proper public if possible white paper on how is this going to work should be in order. and it is something i will be looking for to share in here.

If this intrigues you and you desire to know more about it or set it up right away. Newsgator got two must read  Blog posts on that:

More about Newsgator Related Content Widgets

How to create a Newsgator Related Content Widget

After you have done with those. you should be read to go and sign up.

Related Content Widgets


MySpace App Platform may catch up Facebook soon

August 10th, 2008


It was bound to happen. i always knew and said so that once MySpace had their App Platform rolling at 100% it was only a matter of time for it to catch to Facebook numbers and appeal. this is simple. MySpace got more volume. while it was reported that Facebook Global visitor numbers were a little higher than those of MySpace last month. those numbers are on the old MySpace. the one that had not been updated and not the new one.

There is a lot of MySpace movement.they usually increase dramatically during the summer and they now got a new design, newer features to come and updated to their subsidiaries yet to finalize. and the fact that facebook may have got more hits for a month before the new myspace still don`t diminish the fact myspace it is still twice as big on user registrations, twice as big in mediatic  events, etc. on the MySpace App Platform side, there is also the fact that apps are now central to the new design and that developers now count with app invitations too. so we have to wait and see how this affects user engagement and widgets, Widget-apps and regular  Myspace apps growth. on the meantime it is clear the allure for developer is getting higher if  OfferPal, a Virtual Currency and rewards programs network is to be believed as reported by Silicon Valley Insider:

according to the ad network OfferPal, which provides virtual currency and rewards programs for about 350 apps on social networks — mostly Facebook and MySpace. The company tells us that their clients are seeing the same returns from apps on each network – about $75 per 1,000 daily active users and $150-$200 for the higher engagement applications. Matt McAllister, the marketing director for OfferPal, said this is a recent development – since June.

MySpace Apps Catching Up To Facebook’s?

Nooked Shopping Ad Widgets

July 31st, 2008


Given the demand for good Ad Widgets or Widget Ads. and with things like WidgetBucks doing the round lately. the nooked Shopping Ad Widgets are the perfect fit as a alternative for those looking for some revenue generated from a widget.

The concept with nooked is to turn you into a Shopping Advertising Agent for them via Widgets. they take care of the rest. you simply choose a product you may like or that fits in with the theme of your blog and then generate a widget that can serve such product. you also get to choose what  source you want use. that means from what online retailer the stuff will come from.


Only you have made your Nooked Ad Widget you can then proceed to put it in your blog once you have of course registered with them. but as a way to try out how the widget looks. nooked let you make a widget and ask for registration once you have finished to made your widget.

The Widget Editor is very straightforward and allows for a good integration in most blogs.


The only question would be if it works and they pay once you have generated some money out of it. but to answer that, i guess you will have to try it out.


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Clearspring forms strategic partnership with KickApps to increase advertising revenue

June 11th, 2008

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In a effort to speed monetization clearspring and kickapps have found a way to benefit each other goals by forming a strategic partnership. this strategic partnership includes an agreement on part of clearspring to promote kickapps new WYSIWYG widget studio, or for a lack of a better comparition kickapps is going to make their own internal Sprout like widget editor that will also can “socialize” the widget you create with kickapp social platform offering but kickapps will then in turn use clearspring new widget analytics offering and their distribution channels.

This will of course allow clearspring and kickaps advertising footprint and revenue faster than they would be able to do without it. and that is the whole point.

Since it would be redundant to rewrite what it has already being very well exposed by kickapps. i present you the relevant part of kickapps press release and will just comment after it:

Companies Collaborate on Advancing KickApps’ WidgeAD™ Format and Clearspring’s Widget Ad Network

New York and Mc Lean, VA, June 10, 2008KickApps, the leading on demand social media platform, and Clearspring Technologies Inc., the world’s largest widget syndication and tracking service, today announced a strategic partnership to further accelerate widget usage and monetization. Under the agreement, Clearspring will promote KickApps’ new WYSIWYG Widget Studio (currently in beta), a self-service widget-authoring environment to the Clearspring user base. This will enable Clearspring customers to easily build their own rich-media and interactive widgets with tremendous ease. KickApps will use Clearspring’s powerful distribution and tracking services to provide one-click distribution and in-depth analytics to anyone using the KickApps Platform.

With widgets becoming an integral part of every web publisher and marketer’s arsenal for driving audience growth, the industry is turning its focus to widgets as a platform for advertising. With over 24,000 publishers using KickApps to create and deploy widgets, including some of the world’s largest media & entertainment companies, the company recently launched an internal initiative around the development of WidgeADs™, KickApps’ new industry standard format for widget advertising. Using Clearspring’s WidgetMedia services, the companies will collaborate on delivering a powerful end-to-end widget advertising solution for publishers and marketers. Clearspring is the No. 1 widget platform in the U.S. tallying 47.5 million unique widget viewers in April 2008, according to comScore’s Widget Metrix report.

“Widgets have proven to be a very effective vehicle for distributing content and marketing messages in a highly viral manner,” said Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps. “As we’ve done with social networking, user-generated content and video players, we’re reducing the barriers to entry for publishers and Madison Ave to begin monetizing widgets using WidgeADs. Our partnership with Clearspring brings together the core pieces that will define this new market opportunity.”

Like next-generation banner ads, widgets are interactive Web applications that contain dynamically updated content, keeping them fresh and relevant to viewers, and driving traffic back to the publisher’s web site. Consumers can easily grab and post widgets that interest them to their own websites, social networking site, personal homepage, blog or desktop. Posted widgets retain their viral capability and can be shared time and again.

“Our vision is to deliver an end-to-end solution enabling marketers and publishers to reap the benefits of the emerging widget channel,” said Hooman Radfar, founder and CEO of Clearspring. “We have created innovative solutions for distribution, tracking, and monetization and we are well on the way to creating the Web’s most efficient widget ad network. In partnering with KickApps we deliver a one-stop shop for any publisher or marketer to create and distribute widgets.” 

Clearspring’s advertising solutions are fully integrated with the top ad-serving systems including DoubleClick and Mediaplex. Clearspring also offers a full set of analytics and reporting tools so advertisers can monitor activity as WidgeADs traverse the Web and can manage media placements in response to each widget’s viral performance.

This is a interesting partnership for both but i see clearspring as the most benefited in the long haul from this. however the details on how are they going to combine the advertising or how they are going to split revenue are not really clear. but kickapps interest is being able to gain more clients and also get their current clientele to jump into this too.

The other interesting factor is to see how widgets are the quickly turning into this new form of advertising-marketing. the representation of what both camps are now calling  the new Customer Engagement tools.



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