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ZooLoo: Startpage, Social Network and Personal Portal All Rolled Into One

July 15th, 2009


ZooLoo not only got a name that makes you think of a bunch of animals put together in a room. It is also very new and full with ambition. Too much ambition i think.

They are a Widget Startpage like iGoogle or Netvibes. but they also want to be like MySpace and give you a blog module, photo hosting service, music, videos, etc. All within a social network that also happens to be your personalized portal and site like Ning. And they  even want you to have your own domain and also provide you entertainment content, management tools and even shopping!.


All of this in a single place that happens to be very new. That is being bold to the extreme, no doubt about it. But if the idea of having a personal hub is your thing, then ZooLoo may be what you are looking for.

Personally, i find the whole idea of having a personal silo on the web in the way they are providing it to be something you would not want from a new site. it is too much, too soon. Even MySpace and Facebook started small and with only a few things. The other problem is scale and adoption. If there is no one of your friends or people to meet in ZooLoo. Why would you want to be in it?. If ZooLoo suddenly had a burst of grow with only free accounts. could they scale and maintain the service online even with the costs and pressure?. not likely.

But i must give it to them. They got a lot of brass to launch with such a wide array of services based on pure face value. But if Wallop failed because it only appealed to a not profitable sector of the world for a western company that happened to had big support (it didn’t even launched-launched). Then the chances to succeed of ZooLoo are not really good either. As neat the service may look.


via TC A Single Widget Startpage

January 12th, 2009

Ok, this is a very easy and quick one. how about a single widget startpage?. what kind of widget would it have?. there is a response to both questions and it can be answered with

A Notepad Widget.

Yes. a yellow Notepad Widget. like the ones in the sticky notepads known as post its. hence the name.


A simple and useful idea you can use as your startpage or as one of your startpages if you are used to set multiple tabs when you load up your browser. but a note pad widget is nice for quick reminders, work notes or even inspirational quotes if you are into that to start every day. because right now it is pretty well known that one of the first 3 apps you launch when you start using your computer is your browser.

I for example used it to give me this reminder and it worked like a charm….


via JackCheng, Widget Startpage To Close Tomorrow

October 26th, 2008


The time finally has come and after a little more of Two weeks of advance notice. Startpage will be no more. This is not the only thing that ceased to exist this October. Goowy. Yourminis parent webtop also ceased to exist after being inoperative for a while.

Dear yourminis user,

We’re sorry to inform you that as of October 27, 2008, we will no longer support the yourminis startpage. As a yourminis user, you already know that one of the best things about widgets is their ability to give you access to the content and features you value from different locations across the Web. Because there are already so many great startpage solutions out there supporting yourminis (like myAOL, iGoogle or Netvibes), we’ve decided to let the startpage experts take care of the startpages, so we could focus on what we do best — building widgets.

The startpage link has already been removed from the site (although you can still access the site directly at, and the startpage itself will be completely removed on October 27, 2008, so please make sure to export all of your content from the site prior to this date. Although we know that this is an inconvenience, you can export your feeds data as an OPML file, take most of your content, and import it into other startpage solutions (see instructions below). yourminis widgets will continue to work on other sites as they have in the past.


Yourminis startpage and the Goowy Desktop were at some point in the late 2007 one of the best example of good widgets and good widget implementation. i also found odd that the Goowy and the Yourminis Startpage was not one and the same. this decreased the focus of the two products from the letgo even as active projects. nonetheless. they were the respective best Startpage and webtop done in flash. this were also the reasons why it got acquired by AOL. because they were good and one of the best Widget Startups back when they bought them.  but the purchase of  Goowy/Yourminis was a technology & team acquisition. Yourminis is what now powers AOL Widget Ads, and its also part of the new  My.AOL. Goowy Webtop is now part of AOL Mail. something i find funny is that AOL also released a RIA AOL Mail based on Silverlight 2. i have tested them both and there is just no contest. RIA AOL Mail truly shines even as a Beta. i wonder if what is being added to the regular AOL mail will have a RIA AOL Mail counterpart. but that is something for another post.

So. a Final Goodbye To Yourminis Startpage and to Goowy Webtop and Hello again to AOL that will now bring Widgets to all. something i  of course plan of keeping up with. so if you were using yourminis or goowy. the new My.AOL and the new AOL Mail do deserve a try. but if anyone represents a Widget based Flash, Flex or Silverlight powered Startpage. this is the time to let all those Yourminis and Goowy Orphan users Know of it.

Yourminis Startpage Closing

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