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App Widget Picker for Android

June 13th, 2011

This app organizes your widget list in Android so you don’t have to scroll through multiple size configurations for each widget. The various sizes get added to what appears to be links to the actual widget.
Hooray for more organization and customization!

I love Android.

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For those of you that like tricking out your home screen, you know widgets are a must. However, many of you might have noticed that having a lot of widgets means your long press widget menu is long and clustered. Thankfully,  boombuler over at xda has thought up a solution.

Enter AppWidgetPicker. Looking at the screenshot, you might notice that you don’t see “Grooveshark 4×1,” “Grooveshark 4×2,” etc. Instead, you’ll notice the subtle “(x widgets).” For those of you who like staying organized this install is an absolute must. You’ll no longer have to sort through 12 different minimalistic text widgets in order to get down to your Pandora widget. It’s such a simple concept and boombuler pulls it off so well. The installation is pretty simple and it will work with all non-sense based launchers.

Hit up the thread on xda to see more! Thanks again boombuler!



Embed Google Person Finder to help people in Japan

March 11th, 2011

Google has been leading efforts to warn and help people affected by the earthquake in Japan. Earlier today they had placed tsunami warnings on the Google main page.
Subsequently they have updated the information to point to useful tools that will help people searching for friends and relatives that may have been in the affected areas.

Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder is a tool that allows you to input the name or names of people that you are concerned with. You can also put in names of people that you may have information about. Google Person Finder is also very mobile friendly! Spreading it on Twitter would be a very good idea.

This tool is also embeddable. You can easily paste it into your website or blog.


This is a great way to make the tool more accessible and to spread the word about the Google Person Finder. I have embedded the tool below so you can see whats involved.

Get Your Free Spell Check Widget

January 27th, 2011

Free Spell Check Widget is available at

This widget can easily be added to your website by simply embedding it. Embedding can be done through copying and pasting the HTML code.
This code can be selected under the website’s “Get-Code-to-Embed” button.

That’s a SpellCheckAsYouType web widget.

Using this spell check widget allows a user to see and correct any misspellings as they type. Any words that have been misspelled are underlined and by simply clicking the underlined word the user can choose the correct suggested word to replace the misspelled word. web widget has several customizable features; you can easily change size and color to fit to your website. This widget supports 16 different languages (English, British English, Canadian English, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Swedish, and Finnish) and you can easily choose the one you need from the list.

You can get widget following the link

Add an Amplify It! Button to your site

October 11th, 2010

Enhanced sharing with offers a different content sharing ability than the regular options from the likes of AddThis and ShareThis. With, you are able to ‘Clip’ parts of web pages and share just those parts. also gives you a page of your share clips that you can also share with others and with members of the community.

An Amplify It! button

Add the Amplify It! button to your web site or blog so your visitors can share their favorite parts of your articles or blog posts all around the web. Sharing with Amplify will always include a link back to your post.

Try out the Amplify It! button


A small menu with various sharing options should appear on your screen. Click ‘Clip This Page’ to start clipping and sharing the content.

With WordPress integration

The Amplify Button Plugin for WordPress lets you add an Amplify button to each of your blog posts so your visitors can share their favorite parts all around the social web. Sharing with Amplify will always include a link back to your post.

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