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Scoble Visits WidgetBucks

March 16th, 2009


WidgetBucks, the controversial Widget Advertising company that against all odds continues to grow and polarize people received Robert Scoble not that long ago (even if in internet time it could be perceived as ancient) and he goes into a video tour with Matt Hulett, CEO of Mpire, the parent company of WidgetBucks and as TechFlash notes:

CEO Matt Hulett takes blogger Robert Scoble on a video tour of the company’s Seattle offices, with the former RealNetworks and Expedia executive describing the WidgetBucks business as a "shopping AdSense." Hulett — who explains why each employee has his or her own office — also notes that about 100 million unique users are seeing their advertising widgets each month.

The reason i post the video is because if there is a Widget Company i receive E-mail about is WidgetBucks. people asking me to never cover them, other asking for more coverage and others asking me why it is not working with them (yeah, really)

That means it should be of interest for Widgets Lab Readers to have a look at it.


WidgetBucks makes their Ad Widgets skinnable

July 30th, 2008


Widgetbucks is the startup that has been compared to Adsense in a Widget. other said it is more of a non amazon affiliate Widget Ad option. whatever it is they seem to be doing great.

This is a step in the right direction because it makes the Widget easier to integrate into a blog. you can choose from 125 Widgetbucks skins or make your own to ensure it will fit right in and in turn maximizing the effect of the Widget.


However. not everything is so rosy. i still get comments and e-mails about suspended and blocked accounts in Widgetbucks. in order to clear this up i tried to contact someone at WidgetBucks but no one wrote back yet.  i would like to get WidgetBucks CEO on hold for some questions so i will try again later.


via techcrunch

WidgetBucks gets comScore recognition, but…

April 14th, 2008

WidgetBucks is the first widget ad network to make it onto comScore’s Ad Network report. via Mashable

Does this make any difference to the masses of bloggers that feel they have been screwed by the WidgetBucks termination squad?

I’m referring to the many readers that have commented in the past about how they have had their accounts suspended or deleted for supposed click fraud. Now I realize that click fraud happens and that it’s wrong. But when you have numerous readers leaving comments indicating that they have been wrongly accused of click fraud…can’t all of them be guilty.
It also seemed to be too coincidental to be informed of click fraud termination on payday.

However, this black mark does not seem to slow down WidgetBucks development.

“A hybrid widget model that pays CPM and CPC options, for starters. The benefit of this is that brands and publishers doesn’t have to worry about making a decision based on one payout option or another, if it’s better to give the option of both. It’s an encouraging move for publishers, and an attitude of inclusive experimentation that we’re seeing across other targeted ad networks, such as AdBrite, as well.” (Mashable)

Whether or not this encourages more bloggers to seek out and use WidgetBucks will remain to be seen.

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