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Chumby As A Stream Widget Engine?

March 4th, 2009


I guess it had to happen. Chumby  is jumping from its original vessel to go into Digital Frames. jumping from that to other devices is not only not hard to believe but a natural evolution. it is also the natural evolution for widgets that went from the web into mobile devices and now are jumping into all kind of devices.

Yahoo became quite the overlord of widgets for a long time until Apple riffed them off, until Google and Microsoft started to concentrate in their own gadget strategies and other independent players started to appear everywhere. they are now trying to get head first and make the Yahoo Widget Engine turning universal and head on into devices. Samsung it now their biggest treat into that games as their also widgetizing everything as other hardware companies like Sony has already done in a minor degree. but now it is clear that when this trend picks up Microsoft will leverage the Windows Ecosystem that way as they already have a full Digital TV strategy. the same goes for Google that is already following into that with Android as their OS for all occasion. So what about the independent players?.

Chumby is the answer to that and there is even a video where you can see how it will go. one thing is certain, future tv’s, top boxes and BD players will have widgets in them if you want them and these widgets will be the easiest and most utilitarian way to bring the web to all.

via Crunchgear

Access Linux Platform 3.0 Demo

March 2nd, 2009


There is not much about Access Linux Platform 3.0 and its netfront widget engine but a demo i almost missed from WMC in Barcelona shows the OS running in a device and it shows the netfront widget engine that as i said looks a lot like those from TouchWIZ UI by Samsung and that now has spread everywhere as it has been copied around. but that is where the error ends since while Access 3.0 has yet to ship in a device, the netfront widget engine has been around in concept in private mode during a loooong time so i cannot even claim which one came first with 100% certainty but given that TouchWIZ 3.0 shipped first and continues to evolve….that becomes irrelevant since TouchWIZ is already in the mainstream.

But Access 3.0 at least shows what could have been if it had shipped first and given the video it manages to stay up to the challenge and that is a inspiring fact and it is interesting as widgetization continues to sweep through the mobile OS industry.

Check out the Video at Engadget

Access Linux Platform 3.0 Demo

Docuter:Upload Any Document File And Embed It As A Digital One

March 1st, 2009


There are many Social Digital Document services around that let you upload document files and then give them you out to embed. but having more options is always a good thing. Docuter is a excellent option to the already known digital document services. the important thing about Docuter is that it is focused on being a application first and a social service second .thanks to that, it supports the insane amount of 200 document formats. more than any other service out there and that is what makes this service stand out and the reason i am writing about it and you need to give it a try.


I didn’t saw any use of  a high spread sharing module. something that could certainly make the service even better. since it focuses more on the application than in the social features. there is not a well rounded and well developed social network behind the service but that should evolve as the services grows.

The document viewer with the service is flash based, it got a good full screen support and you can of course embed it everywhere. the viewer is simple but one good thing is that i found it to be lighter than others i have seen and that is a very good thing. the secret looks to be a mixture of ajax with flash since the viewer points to as the base for its tech.  i look forwards to seeing it evolve and catch up with the likes of iPaper and issuu.

The service is free and the only thing they are asking you its that you need an account since they don’t allow for public upload, but beyond that you could not ask for something simpler.


Digital Documents services surged in 2008 and i think that they could very well reach a mainstream status in 2009 as its use is exploding dramatically as people want to do more than just be able to share them in file form. they want to have the living in the web and this is the way to go.

After trying it out i can recommend Docuter to anyone that has to handle lots of documents around as part of their job or as part of their personal use. it may not be known but it sure its good.


TouchWIZ UI Improving, Getting Into Most Samsung Phones.

February 24th, 2009


As WMC effects from the announcements have been digested and start rolling in phones. TouchWIZ, the Widget interface from Samsung that turned into a hit thanks to the Omnia devices is now going to be part of pretty much close to all samsung phones. it also had repercussions off Samsung as LG did their Flash UI that is now in their runaway hit LG Cookie that is pretty much sold everywhere.

But the touchWIZ UI is what caused that shift of Widget Based Today Screens in Mobile Phones and it resulted so successful that caused hackers to create their own version of it for non samsung phones. but it is clear from what it is known of the next touchflo that this trend is not going to slow down.

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