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Use Desktopify to put web widgets on your Desktop

March 16th, 2010

Desktopify allows you to put any web widget right on to your desktop. Just about any widget we have written about here on WidgetsLab should work with Desktopify.

The process of converting a web widget into a desktop widget is very simple. Just copy the web widget embed code and paste it into the Desktopify “embed code” field. Modify a couple of settings such as widget size, widget name and choose a category for the Desktopify Widget Gallery.

Create an account and then you will be provided with the tools necessary to promote your widget if you like…or you can simply download and install the widget to your desktop.

Desktopify adds an easy way for businesses to get their already existing widgets onto your desktop with minimal work and no coding or lengthy submission process.

Check out Desktopify today.

Snippage: A Web Clip Widget Engine For Your Desktop

February 9th, 2009


With the advantage of a almost ever present online connection. having fully internet dependent widgets. and the very specific kind that fits the bill the best are web clip widgets. they are now a integral part of browser because of IE8 web slices and even the latest Google Toolbar.

Snippage is a web clip widget engine for your desktop. you can put as many web clips as your screen real state can bear. this way you obtain the content out from the sites you usually visit. that is sometimes more reassuring that some feed widgets that can have as much as a hour of delay and need to reformat the content..

Snippage is a AIR app and that means it can be stream installed and updated. without a hitch. those familar with .NET or .NET/WPF Click Once should be familiar with that concept very well. i usually don’t post on AIR apps but this is a very apt example to be here.


in order to get your Web Clip Widget engine. you get a very good snipping tool for the job with a web browser.  the only short coming with it is that it cannot render AJAX, JAVA, Silverlight content making it[is use a little bit limited/ but the tool and the execution of snippage is really good. it is clever and well designed. it also has a nice plus that is the fact it don’t consumes too much resources.

The only thing it needs is a better render engine to be excellent. the only things it needs to do is to tune performance even more and get a better design and desktop integration since  windows resizing for the browser and snipping tool could be better.

But if you like web clip widgets this is the App to get and i can recommend it.


Eclectic: A Web Clips Widget Startpage For IE

February 9th, 2009


Widget startpages are usually services one would equate with Netvibes or  iGoogle.  but what if you wanted to have your own in browser start page not hosted online?. that is the concept of Eclectic.

A Widget Startpage creator and manager for Internet Explorer (it supports from 5 to 8). you clip content you want from the web. be it from websites or even clipping widgets with a common online location from different services and then you put it into a canvas that lives in a tab of Internet Explorer. from there you can manage, personalize and create not just one startpage but many if you wish.

It is pretty much like a mix of IE8 Web Slices with netvibes.


Electic is a add-on so you do need to install it. it is not a web service since it lives locally with your browser. it also can be set to act apart or integrated with IE. this means that if you only want to see your startpage at certain times. you only need to use the Eclectic desktop shortcut so it loads up IE with Eclectic as the default page. if you load up IE with your regular shortcut you will only load IE with a default page instead.


You can also integrate it if you want to by loading it up Eclectic one and then set it as your default page so it appears always whenever you use the browser.


I like the idea and the concept behind Eclectic. unfortunately it is quite resource intensive in my tests and can grab from 100 to 200mb of ram that get added to your regular Internet Explorer RAM consume.  i still would like to see a more stylized  (since the current design is a little bit dated) and tuned version of it. Eclectic use should be out of the question for OLD PC`s and for Low end netbook. but can be used with ease from a mid range PC and up.


FEwidgets:Widgetize Your Windows Mobile Phone Today Screen

January 20th, 2009


With the release of the Omnia. many Windows Mobile Users are having a widget envy. but don`t feel it as strong enough for them to motivate them to buy a omnia either. so what to do?. how about being brave and installing the widgets yourself?. this is possible thanks to a project called FEwidgets.

This project got out of the now quite legendary Xda-Developers community forum where you can find the best Windows Mobile Hackers and part time developers around.

FEwidgets is a project that got initiated by Nicodega and since then it has been extended and supported by many other Xda-Developers and now counts with themes for the application but what is more important a growing library of widgets.if it looks like out of the omnia. that is no coicidence. there is even a theme to fully imitate the TouchWIZ widget sidebar.



You can now find over 20 widgets for the application and you can count many features too as you can see from this Quote out of the project page:

– Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you’ll feel a small vibration.
– Can be run as a Today Plugin. (It must be the only one selected)
– Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
– Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
– Extensible/Open architecture. Anyone can create it’s own widgets just using flash. If you need something “special” and know some C#, you can extend available commands through a custom assembly.

Implemented Widgets:
– RSS Feed Reader New!
– Comming appointments
– Tasks
– Contact widget
– Date widget
– Battery/Phone signal Strength indicator.
– S2P Player control.
– Analog Clock
– Diamond like Clock
– Background Image Changer
– Bluetooth State (Can turn on/off)
– Wi-Fi State (Can turn on/off)
– Quick Dial.
– Layout swapper.
– Locker (locks widget dragging)
– Calendar (when tapped will link to \Windows\Calendar.lnk)
– Shortcuts Widget. This widget allows creating shortcuts to exe/lnk files. You can drop the widget as many times as you want.
– Missed Calls. Shows the number of missed calls. When double tapped will take you to the missed calls log.
– “Profile” changer. Lets you switch between On/Vibrate/Off modes.
– Weather. Shows you the weather for today. Current temperature and forecasted Min/Max for today.
– SMS information. Once you drop this widget once, if you remove it, it’ll spawn automatically the next time you have an SMS message on the same possition you had placed it.

Quite a great project indeed. you can also develop widgets that can work with the application if you know your way around flash. but anyone can use it because everything is free of charge. the only cost is a little time for you to set it up. FEwidgets can be used in Windows Mobile 5,6 and 6.1 pro. so that means around a 100 different phones are ready to go to try this out.

For more instructions and download links. you can check out the Project Page at Xda-Developers.


via WMpoweruser (they also got a video of it in action)

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