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Wikinvest Redesigns Website to become Financial Widget Startpage

June 28th, 2009


Wikinvest is a Financial Widget Startup that focuses in stock charts and financial data charts widgets that are embeddable and shared. now that is not enough to sustain growth so they issued a redesign to their website in order to be more like the financial pages from MSN, Yahoo and Google.

Many call that a hard sell. but it is not only worth a shot but actually doable as the info they provide is at the level and the widgets are really cool and you can take them to go. so if you check your stocks in the morning and want to make a blog on how bad they are sucking or gloat on them. you can add them to your posts not just as petty graphics. but fully functional stock charts.



via Techcrunch

Wikinvest Interactive Stock Chart Flex Widgets

August 4th, 2008


While there are Stock Chart Widgets, most are info widgets and lack of any interactivity within the widget. they usually only serve of the information. most of these stock chart widgets are offerings for start pages like igoogle, and or they are to be seen in the desktop. but there are not many for the web either. those are two problems that wikinvest tackles. they offer good Stock chart Widgets for the web and they also bring them to you full of interactivity. that interactivity is that you can add annotations and check out or change other people annotations as it behaves like a graphical widget.

This is useful for any blog or newsite discussing financial information or stock information since you can see the stock movement but also see what happened exactly in each point of the stock movement, why it went down or why it went up. that also means that if you think something is missing and it is not annotated you can add it up. the same goes for something not accurate.


The Widgets seem to be done in Flex and they use both flash and JS to archive their magic. wikinvest are serious widgets and may be just what many following or reporting financial news where waiting for. a fine example of widgets done right that serve a useful purpose.


via Techcrunch

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