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Windows Live Writer Gadget

December 15th, 2008


This is very simply and straight forward. it is a sidebar gadget for Windows live Writer and it works in XP, Vista and Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bits flavors. Windows Live Writer is the best Blog Editor that exists. there is just no better and it is what i use every single day i blog. so that is what i can fully recommend it.


you can drag links, text and photos to it to open WLW with the content pre inserted in a new blog comes in two sizes and it is a good way to jumpstart it. the gadget is the work of great WLW developer Scott Lovegrove. so it comes from a good source too in case you were wary of it in any way.

Windows Live Writer Desktop Gadget

Elf Yourself Videos Now Shareable And Embeddable

December 4th, 2008


Xmas is not only the time for sharing with the family. but it is also the time for you to share Elf Yourself dance video clips with the faces of people you know around. last time you could not do that very effectively. but widgets have come a long way in one year and now you can do so with ease.

Just go to Elf Yourself. create a account and then make your Elf videos. once you have them done you will be presented with the options to share the video or to embed the video thanks to a gigya wildfire High Spread Sharing module.

So you will finally be able to annoy or poke people around with your ElfYourself videos pretty much everywhere without they being able to escape from it. perfect for xmas right?. right.


Elf Yourself

LifeCams Are A Good Gift For Xmas

December 4th, 2008


Remember the Lifecam Gadget i talked about months ago that would work with the new line of LifeCams was nice right?. well now you can get that nice Gadget and use it in XP (update on that later), Vista and Windows 7 for that matter. so getting new lifecam either for yourself or as a gift for xmas and have the assurance that it will work with any of these 3 Windows OS.

It is also a good way to interact with the new Windows Live Video Messages service.

So. get one and if you decide to gift one you know will likely. i do accept gifts! 😀

Lifecam Show webcam

Lifecam VX-5500

Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets

November 24th, 2008

Media Center Gadgets (32-bit version)               tmp26B4

You got a Windows Mobile Device?. good. now if you get the SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview you can get SideShow Gadgets. and if you are using Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate you may want to take advantage of having Windows Media Center with the Media Center Sideshow Gadgets Package. You get Four Media Center SideShow Gadgets (TV, Music, Pictures and Video and Now Playing)  and they do as stated in this Quote:

“For instance, you can use the TV gadget to browse the program guide, schedule recordings, and browse and play back recorded TV shows. With the Music gadget you can browse and play music. Use the Pictures and Video gadget to browse pictures on your device and play slideshows and video. The Now Playing gadget provides information on what is playing in Media Center and provides playback controls like those on your Media Center remote.”


Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (32 Bits)

Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (64 Bits)

via WMpoweruser

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