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Flickrin: Flickr Photo Grid Widget Generator

December 16th, 2008


While Flickr got a pretty awesome slideshow widget. it still lacks a good photo grid or photo wall widget. Flickrin is a Photo Grid Widget Generator that can be used in 3 simple steps and in less than a minute.


You just visit flickrin web page and you are already to go. even if you don`t have a flickr account. you only need a flickr username from a someone you like the photos of, yourself or any tag you can come up with according to what you would like to make a photo grid of. in this case i asked for any picture with the tag “lolcat”. i put how many rows i wanted since it outputs 5 pics per row in the photo grid.


Once Generated. the result was a photo grid widget in the size and look as you see it in the picture.


Finally you get to choose in what format you want it. in JavaScript if you are going to use it in a website or blog sidebar and don`t want to use flash. or in flash if you are going to put it in a social network, blog entry, etc.

A good Widget made by Quinto Piso, a small software studio from Argentina. and to who i must congratulate for a simple and effective widget generator. the only thing i would like to see is being able to set how many pics per row you can put in order to be able to make photo stripes too. and if it were possible a quick view of the photo option in case you have a medium size or big photo grid so you can preview the photos before jumping to the flickr photo page. but i like flickrin and i recommend it as a good widget.


Yahoo Messenger Pingbox Chat Widget

October 20th, 2008


Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is a mirror equivalent of Live Messenger IM Control. it lets you chat with visitors in your website, social profile and blog. While there are others like the Meebome IM chat Widget or Digsby IM Chat Widget (which is a Clone of Meebome). they are to basic to be compared to Live IM Control or to Yahoo Pingbox.

That is because both are good looking in their respective styles. but i must hand it to Yahoo. it outdoes what IM Control set to do. this if course not a coincidence since Pingbox is recent compared to Live  IM control and it has not been updated in quite a while.

Pingbox is very rich looking and it blends well thanks to the styles you can add to the widget. you can easily create your Pinbox Chat Widget thanks to a very well done Flex based Widget Editor. i created mine in less than one minute:


Once you are done, you just click the next button to generate your Pingbox Widget. you will be presented with a very simple High Spread Sharing panel that includes the options for what Yahoo Considered the Top places for you to use PingBox. these are: hi5, friendster, myspace, blogger, xanga, livejournal and Live Spaces. you can still of course put it everywhere by grabbing the code. you can also set the size for your widget and update the code quickly while also seeing a live preview of it.


Once you decide where it will go or what code you will choose. just copy and paste it wherever you want it and it will look just like this one:

The Pingbox Widget impressed me because it feels incredibly light and snappy. this may be because i am using Flash 10 already and because it comes from Yahoo (they do great widgets) so it leaves me completely satisfied and i don`t fear to say it is better than Live IM Control. This later if the rumors are true will no longer will be iFrame based but Silverlight 2 based. so lets see how it does once updated. for now. if you use Yahoo Messenger (preferably 9.0 for full interactivity) there is simply no contest. use this one. totally recommended.

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox

Yahoo oneSearch Mobile widget for Nokia S60 phones

August 26th, 2008


Yahoo mobile is now offering a widget for Nokia S60 phones. this is the oneSearch mobile widget and its function is to integrate in the phone home screen as a search launcher so you can quickly search without effort and right away. the widget also got search suggest to make it even faster an easy. the only requisite is of course you choosing Yahoo as your preferred mobile search engine.


Yahoo Mobile oneSearch Widget 

via webware

Flickr New Embeddable SlideShow Widget

August 26th, 2008


It was about time!. Flickr finally released a official Slide Show Widget. pass solutions have been embedding the regular Flickr Flash Slide Show into an iFrame. something that many used to do because they wanted an official Flickr SlideShow widget instead of third party solutions that server their own widgets and that there are many to choose from.

The Look


The new Flickr SlideShow Widget sports a look redesign very much at home with the Flickr Video Player. this is of course a good thing since it is a really cool design. the design for it as many know was ripped off directly from Vimeo. the design i still considerate to be one of the best video player designs ever. Flickr version of this design is of course as good as the original and they extended it into the Flickr SlideShow Embeddable Widget with great results.

The Design


The New Flickr Widget is done in flash and it shows how a photo slide show widget should not only look but how it should work. it got a hover activated preview thumbnails bar for navigation and it offers a little snapshot preview when you hover on the preview thumbnails.  it got prev and next indicators in the main view screen too.

The Experience


The Best thing about it is that it is not just a SlideShow Widget, but a actual Multi Media Player Widget and you can play the flickr videos in the photostream. it comes with a full screen with controls option right in the widget. what i think is a total must have now because it makes it a truly portable experience. the widget also shows a very prominent and easy to see “share” option that gives you the URL for the Photostream and the embed code for the widget. so it is fully capable of serving quick sharing. this is of course a standard and it should not only be expected but demanded as the bare minimum a widget of ANY kind should have. the fact that it is flash already states by itself that it can be put almost anywhere.


The New Embeddable SlideShow Widget from Flcikr is without a doubt one of the best Slide Show Widgets ever done. it looks incredible. it got a excellent User Interface and User Experience. i think that the only things i could nitpick at it, would be the fact that it should already come with a High Spread Sharing module within the Widget instead of just Quick Sharing. that the transition to Full Screen is not swift and that the performance while at Full Screen downgrades significantly. this is of course not Flickr fault since it is more a thing of the common shortcomings Flash still has. it would be truly interesting to me to see a recreating of this Widget in Silverlight and see how the experiences compare. that alone would be a good way to get into developing a widget.

Other than those 3 little details, the widget is truly great.


via Flickr Blog

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