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October 26th, 2008


The time finally has come and after a little more of Two weeks of advance notice. Startpage will be no more. This is not the only thing that ceased to exist this October. Goowy. Yourminis parent webtop also ceased to exist after being inoperative for a while.

Dear yourminis user,

We’re sorry to inform you that as of October 27, 2008, we will no longer support the yourminis startpage. As a yourminis user, you already know that one of the best things about widgets is their ability to give you access to the content and features you value from different locations across the Web. Because there are already so many great startpage solutions out there supporting yourminis (like myAOL, iGoogle or Netvibes), we’ve decided to let the startpage experts take care of the startpages, so we could focus on what we do best — building widgets.

The startpage link has already been removed from the site (although you can still access the site directly at, and the startpage itself will be completely removed on October 27, 2008, so please make sure to export all of your content from the site prior to this date. Although we know that this is an inconvenience, you can export your feeds data as an OPML file, take most of your content, and import it into other startpage solutions (see instructions below). yourminis widgets will continue to work on other sites as they have in the past.


Yourminis startpage and the Goowy Desktop were at some point in the late 2007 one of the best example of good widgets and good widget implementation. i also found odd that the Goowy and the Yourminis Startpage was not one and the same. this decreased the focus of the two products from the letgo even as active projects. nonetheless. they were the respective best Startpage and webtop done in flash. this were also the reasons why it got acquired by AOL. because they were good and one of the best Widget Startups back when they bought them.  but the purchase of  Goowy/Yourminis was a technology & team acquisition. Yourminis is what now powers AOL Widget Ads, and its also part of the new  My.AOL. Goowy Webtop is now part of AOL Mail. something i find funny is that AOL also released a RIA AOL Mail based on Silverlight 2. i have tested them both and there is just no contest. RIA AOL Mail truly shines even as a Beta. i wonder if what is being added to the regular AOL mail will have a RIA AOL Mail counterpart. but that is something for another post.

So. a Final Goodbye To Yourminis Startpage and to Goowy Webtop and Hello again to AOL that will now bring Widgets to all. something i  of course plan of keeping up with. so if you were using yourminis or goowy. the new My.AOL and the new AOL Mail do deserve a try. but if anyone represents a Widget based Flash, Flex or Silverlight powered Startpage. this is the time to let all those Yourminis and Goowy Orphan users Know of it.

Yourminis Startpage Closing

AOL adds Affiliate Marketing to with Widgets

August 13th, 2008


It is not just Social Networking Ads powered by Widgets. AOL has also added Affiliate Marketing to with them:

"Once a publisher places a widget on their Web site, consumers can grab it and distribute the widget to other locations on the Web, including social-network pages, desktops, and blogs," a release from AOL explained. "The publisher earns revenue for each sale driven by the widget, even if it’s several download generations away from the publisher’s site."

While AOL has done badly in many areas lately. but they have done well with widgets and widgets have done well to them. i would have made the new my.AOL widget based since they got goowy /yourminis. but the same acquired widget tech is the one that will be used for bebo widget ads and for affiliate marketing widgets. so that alone proves it was a good acquisition. too bad that there is nothing about the Goowy Desktop. it was one of the best webtops out there. it would be a shame if they just kill it. in terms of yourminis it also remains to be seen what they do with the brand and what was before they acquired it.

But right now AOL is more preoccupied with its reorganization and trying to get bought by Microsoft to be concerned about the little details. we will have to wait to the fall for this to be cleared up.

via Cnet

AOL goes for Social Networking Ads with Goowy Powered Widgets

July 26th, 2008

image                       image

According to the Associate Press, AOL will give more strength to its Advertising Network in the Social Networking space by releasing Advertising into Goowy powered Widgets (and Widget-apps) for Facebook and of course the now AOL owned Bebo. they are also going to allow any brand that is interested in this to create what appears to be promo widgets (Widget Ad units) also to be powered by Goowy.

Goowy was the company behind YourMinis that AOL acquired back in February and the Goowy webtop (web os) that was/is still one of the best executed to this moment. while i am glad to see they are finally integrating Goowy into AOL. i wonder what will happen to the Goowy Weptop. leaving it die would be foolish. so i hope they get it some use.

AOL has started a very notable restructuring lately deciding they were going to get out of the storage space by closing various properties like Xdrive and AOL pictures. they also went berserk in restructuring the budget in They seem to need money now so. Widget Ads seems to be one of the solutions. they already have a success with userplane, so why not a double strike with Goowy?

AOL ges for social-net ads

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